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Desert planet and acid seas I tells ya!

17:00 PM 06/30/2012

So I'm avoiding handling the yard otusid. Per Luffy the Weather Qube:

Date: 06/30/12 and Time (UTC): 22:00:01
Temp: 102.8 Degrees Fahrenheit
Temp: 39.3 Degrees Celsius
Wind Speed: 2.57 MPH
Wind Direction: NW

In case I haven't mentioned it lately Luffy is a red Cobalt Incinerator Qube2 aystem running One-Wire-Weather on NetBSD MIPS/Cobalt. Luffy is attached to a second generation Dallas 1-wire weather station mounted on a pole off the peak of the back of my workshop. So far the thing has been rock-solid for years now. At worst I had to open it up and re-seal it with silicone. Regardless all the readings from it seem quite stable. I think I also solved the below-zero readings as well but I can't remember that far back at the moment.

Anyways it's hot.

So I'm not going out and doing yard work until the sun starts to go down. And I've got a _LOT_ of yard work to be done. Unfucking the lanscaping is not going to be easy.

My mother had carpel-tunnel surgery on Thursday. I haven't called her because I just wasn't able to get to it just yet. Besides, she needs to rest. I'll give her a call this evening provided she's home.

Things are moving kind of slow and kind of sideways. We got approved for our first credit card in years. It's got a decent balance and it's from our bank itself so the terms aren't too bad. It also prevents us from having fees on any of our accounts since we're using three accounts to manage our finances. This card is definitely going to be the dinner and minor purchase card since we _have_ to use it every so often but other than massive emergencies it's not going to get used. We can't afford to walk into that trap again. There is one and only one other thing I'm considering using it for and that would be home repairs like the kitchen sink, bathroom shower/tub, and the concrete wall in the basement. I can do the repairs myself if need be but I need cash to do them. And frankly we can't let some of them sit much longer - kitchen sink I'm looking at you. (Mom - do _not_ send money. You need it more than we do.) Thankfully that's not too expensive though.

That said I really fear breaking the no-spending lock on that card when we get it because in truth my wife and I are spenders. Hoestly I think the bank was maybe looking at that too but we'll never know for sure. I've half a mind for us to buy a few things on it just to feed the immediate spending bug but that could turn out either good or bad. Depends on how well we keep a grip on things.

In other news I've managed another score from a recycled machine that has gotten me a much better Mint Linux system that is currently downloading the Diablo III client to see if it works properly under Linux. Still not the hoopy gaming machine yet (semi-hoopy in my case) but it's a step forward and it didn't cost me a dime. The parts remaining for the gaming machine are a sata DVD burner, molex PCI-E power adapters, and a Windows 7 license of some sort. Preferrably Pro. That last item will cost the most. And there is NO way I'm moving to Windows 8. Period. It sucks.

still need to renew the license plates on the bike. They're likely close to falling out of the system then it'll be a retitle not a renewal. Unfortunately it's money we can't spend right now so I may end up re-titling it even though it's technically insured right now.

So many things on the agenda right now...and even more waiting in the wings...

Bought the makings of grilled chicken salad for the week. The plan is to replicate the salad I get from the one place but not pay $9 for it. And to eat at least one salad a day from this point on. I really need to start pushing myself but I'm always so drained. The people at work don't seem that much more motivated but they're in considerably better shape than I am. Thinking about an exercise ball for my chair in the workshop as that is designed to help tone up the core among other things. And it's certainly more active than a standard chair. But I really need to do more than that. Haven't been able to motivate to ride to work on the bicycle yet. I've just got to start doing that.

Lots of things on my plate...

Getting things unfucked around here is a full time job in and of itself. Got the back hallway unfucked just recently. The kitchen is a regular unfucking. The bed continues to be made every day which is a good thing. The workshop is progressing. Due to the fact we don't have A/C the bathrooms need bleach again. So far the absolute best cleaner I've found happens to be The Works Toilet Bowl cleaner. That stuff seems to work on almost any surface. The one place I don't use it is on food-prep surfaces because I don't trust such powerful chemicals to wash off properly.

Working on getting rid of things. I need to definitely get a bunch of things listed on E-Bay on Tuesday so I can both get rid of things and get some cash in here. I need extra cash for personal projects and stuff off the E-Bay list in general. For instance I found out how easy it is to use the Dallas 1-wire temperature sensors and how cheap they are. That means I can string them around my house using standard network cable and develop a temperature map of my house. I think that along with other sensors would be pretty cool. :-)

Coooolll....*drools just thinking about it*

We now return you to your regularly scheduled melting...

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