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Wibbly Wobbly, Timey WimeyWTF!!?!

So...long time no post. Okay yeah you heard that before.

Sorry. Been extremely busy. Work mostly. Catching up at home due to having finances able to be organized and able to repair/replace things now.

For the record I don't like credit cards. But they do come in seriously handy if used correctly. And they are especially good for Oh Shit! moments.

Doing well at work but also working at home just because things need to be done and the load at work is pretty hefty. I enjoy the job and my coworkers a lot though so it's really worthwhile. I did read an article that said a lot of successful people have what is supposedly called "faker syndrome" where they feel like they're just faking it to get by when they are really blowing the doors off. That sounds awfully familiar...

We managed to get enough money in place so we can buy supplements again. Those are helping quite a bit. I took myself off the Tryptophan earlier out of necessity because we couldn't afford it. But now off of it for a while I'm finally learning to live with myself. That's an interesting experience. I likely won't be taking it again.

Just typed up a sign idea for the house. A simple sign but in Gallifreyan. It'll look cool if I print it out in color and matt and frame it. Not sure what colors to use though.

For some reason some part of me wants to learn to write in the Gallifreyan font. I'm a sucker for languages even though I haven't been able to learn a second one to this day. But then I found that for some reason I can catch enough German to understand some things.

That happened today. I had to call a software support person for a piece of engineering software. Turns out he's in Lichtenstein. And Europe is on "holiday" supposedly so I got his voicemail which was in German.

I actually was able to follow along and then leave the message. That didn't surprise me so much as the fact that I suddenly had a framework to put the words in. They matched something for some reason. Probably, as I joked with my coworker, it was because voicemail prompts are basically the same in a lot of places.

So maybe my first non-English language should be German. Frankly I've never considered it because it always sounded harsh to my ears when I was younger. But time softens many things...

Currently trying to keep my resolve in and not just spend without a plan on the credit card. I have enough credit now at hand to fix quite a bit of things and to get things I've always wanted. For instance I could afford to up and buy my tabletop bead kiln....but no. We're using the credit card to solve two of our financial issues and while we've bought ourselves some toys that's not what it's for. It's for things like getting the one medical harassment^h billing company (United Asswave) off our back.

That said we both agreed that a Kuerig coffee maker is our anniversary gift to each other this year. And frankly since I use one at work it's quite useful here. And we waste less because we only brew what we want. And I already had a personal filter for work so I am able to brew what I want when I want. We bought a personal filter for my wife as well.

All said things are progressing but I'm not getting anything done artistically. I'm just working right now. I owe a piece of a particular kind of art to the vet that tried so hard to save Richie but I haven't even been able to start on it. (Sis - please don't mention it. I want it to be a surprise.) And other than emails, tech ticket data, and these random blog posts I haven't really written anything.

My wife has started physical therapy. I hope it helps her. The myofascial release seems to make a big difference to her but I really want a permanent fix for her. Fortunately she has finally started to take supplements. As long as she keeps up with them they'll help her a lot. Some take at least two weeks to start to make a difference but I think she'll be pleased in the long run.

Speaking of timey-wimey I'm off to bed...

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