nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

A post from the depths of the internets...or at least my in-laws' house...

So the weekend is almost over and I really didn't accomplish that much. A couple of minor repairs - my wife's speakers in her minivan, a couple of other minor things, etc.

Been busy just dealing with the usual things and watching of all things bad 70's science fiction. (*cough*The Starlost*cough*) Frankly I watch those shows more for the props than anything else. I like the fact that despite all the green screen they had to create actual physical props. CG can do some awesome stuff but if you really want your audience to believe they are there with you a hard physical set and attendant props goes a long way in my opinion.

The heat is supposed to let up a little this week but I doubt we'll turn off the air conditioner just for the dog's sake. The house just currently gets too warm if there's not a cross-breeze in there. And that's just random enough that we can't count on it.

I'll post more later. I need to keep up on this stuff. A side note - hopefully riding the bicycle to work tomorrow. Have to do that until the 18th rolls around. Hopefully after that as well. We'll see....

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