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Movin right along...

So just a couple of quick things...

A few people in my life are dealing with issues and having trouble making major/minor decisions about their life. To them I say - don't worry too much about it. Regardless of the choice you make you can always change it. Don't over think it either. Waffles are for eating not for being. (How would you live as a waffle anyway? *Hey! I'm batter!...Auugh! I'm born in heat and searing!...Oh I'm cooling now!...Auuugh! Someone is eating me!* What kind of life is that?)

Still sore from the run. The sunburn has pretty much stopped hurting so now we're in the two weeks of waiting for my rib/intercostal/whozawhatzit to heal. Not fun but not horribly debilitating. It is causing me to slow down a little though because I can't bend quickly. And that is preventing me from cleaning. I've got the 30th and the 31st off this month to hopefully rest and clean so I'm hoping things get settled by then body-wise.

Financially we're doing okay. Probably going to end up with a whopping credit card debt but no medical bills. Given the choice I actually prefer that. One bill to pay and I can always hammer large amounts of money to it. Definitely paying over the minimum on it anyway.

Can't say enough good things about where I'm working. Got some really good kudos about my performance at the office that I'm not willing to post here simply because this is a public forum. But honestly it's good stuff.

I realized the other day that I still have all my job search stuff still active as if I were unemployed. Honestly part of me is scared to disable all that. It's nonsensical because I can always re-enable it if something happens but I'm getting that heebie-geebie feeling that if I turn it off and say "I'm working now." that it'll all suddenly be gone.

Huh. Now who's overthinking it. :-)

Ramble at ya later!

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