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Let's play Whack A Mole!

So once again the summer has passed into fall with all the gusto it usually does. Right now it's blowing considerably outside. (I think Luffy said it was 8 - 9 mph.)

And as of this morning the furnace wouldn't start up. Joy.

Did the same thing I did last year and cleaned out the vacuum barb on the pre-charger fan or whatever it is. For the moment it started up but we'll have to wait and see if it continually works.

The thing about all this is I _hate_ going into the basement crawl space. Not because it gets dirty though that's part of the issue. Not because it's a pain to get back to the furnace by crawling over dirt and pipes and wires though that's a problem too.

No. It's because of the spiders. There's always a ton of webs down there and I'm moretally afraid of spiders. The only thing I'm more wigged out by are house centipedes. I can control it but if it catches me by surprise I freak. badly.

Anyway I managed to get the furnace filter changed while I was down there as well. That is something that suffers because of my phobias.

I have a simple rule with spiders. As long as they don't appear in the public places of the house they can remain undisturbed. They enter the public spaces or make webs there and they get no mercy. I think they know this as well because oddly we only see a few webs in public places around the house. The rest are dep in closets and rafters or in the crawl space.

I'd love to dig that area out but it would require jacking up the house, digging out a whole hell of a lot of dirt, then pouring not only a concrete slab but footers as well. Not happening any time soon.

Other fun stuff this weekend will include putting all my older systems back together after tearing them all apart trying to compensate for my own mistakes. (I shorted the motherboard and power supply of my gaming machine accidentally.) I spent several hours swapping processors and ram and not one of my other systems will do what I want it to. I just don't want to have to go out and buy stuff because that would have to go on the credit card. Though honestly it would save me a lot of trouble if I just up and spent for a gaming system. I've got a 600w power supply and a honking video card so all I need it processor and possibly RAM. Though if I can find a board that takes DDR2 all I need is board and processor then.

I am suddenly amused by watching the Roomba push my exercise ball around. :-) That thing is comfortable to sit and read the iPad on. (The ball not the Roomba.) to wash the spider-stink from me...

Oh and my friend in Japan? He's a bastard because he got to go to the Hokkaido food festival today. ;-P

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