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23:48 PM 10/05/2012

So...Insomnia! My old nemesis we meet again!

For how tired I was when we first came home from having dinner with the in-laws I'm surprised I'm awake. But then I remember lying on the futon in the library for a bit so I might have napped and not realized it. I was that tired.

Speaking of in-laws my father-in-law gave me his Ryobi gas leaf blower/vacuum. It's pretty cool. Besides being a blower it's also a mulching vac. I intend to put it to use this weekend.

Looking at what's left outside I really want to put up a fence between the house and the garage but because I need to get the lawn tractor in and out of there I need a fairly large door. AND there has to be a simple human door so we can get in and out to the back door of the house. I wonder if I can design simple temporary partitions that can be moved as needed, theory I could mount the privacy fence panels on posts attached to 2" x 12" boards at the base. Then I could string them together at the top with braided steel cable (plastic coated) that runs from the house to the garage. That would keep them from tipping over in the wind and make them temporary enough that I can move them at will and not require a fence permit. I've already got the 2" x 12" boards I just have to cut them to length. I need 4" x 4" posts - two per panel - but those are not expensive. Have to measure the length of those panels and the total space to come up with the numbers.

Once those partitions are up I will likely trench between the house and the garage and put in a simple 2" PVC run and pull fiber-optic cable so I can connect both of those network legs together without arial wires like I have now.

On other home maintenance fronts I think I'm going to go with cinderblocks to fill the hole in the basement wall. Those will be cheaper than concrete and much easier to install. I'll also able to mount a ladder on the front of them to make it easier to get into the crawl space. Still planning on making a door to close off that space that looks like a submarine hatch. Also planning on hiding that behind a bookshelf as well. But all of this depends on getting that hole filled.

Need to clean out the fireplace something fierce. There's a ton of leftover ash in there that needs to go and this weekend it looks like it might be cool enough to fire it up. Though with the clutter in the living room preventing good flow to the cold air return it likely won't help the house much.

Got around to pulling off the capacitor on the motor of the air compressor and unfortunately it doesn't appear burnt or bulged in any way. And on top of that it has absolutely NO numbers on it and I don't have a capacitance tester. So likely after this next payment to the credit card I'll pick up a new motor. I found several of the right size in the $180 - $200 range which is far less than a new compressor. This is not the first time I long for a conventional junkyard in our area that I could just go and salvage a good motor from. (I could probably make a lot of good stuff if I had access to a good junkyard. I'm a fantastic scrounge.) That reminds me I still have to get the old furnace out on the street so the scrappers can take it and I have the space back in my garage.

For the record I like being able to use any bags again but this expensive sticker crap to be "allowed" to throw away your trash sucks. Still haven't heard back from the local EPA representative that I emailed asking for the legal rules that Waste Management is bound by as far as customer recycling goes. Will try contacting her again but I'm not going to hold my breath for an answer.

Going to look at a gym this weekend to see if it meets my needs. If it does we'll likely sign up for membership. It'll be good to get on the treadmill again. The place we're looking at is open till 11pm or so on weekdays and that means a lot to me because it means I can work out when I have the time to work out.

Got an escrow check from the mortgage company this week. We're likely going to put it right back into the escrow account if they'll let us then instruct them not to send us any more checks like this. I want the money there in case the taxes go back up. And because I don't trust our mortgage company to do the right thing. I want to give them as few options as possible to do anything but the right thing.

This sucks. It's not 1:00 am and I'm still only partially tired. I think I'll stop here and see if I can't manage to relax enough to fall asleep. 'Night!

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