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10:33 AM 10/14/2012

So last night I was out of beer. The horrors!

I ran to the local mega-mart and was trying to decide on something nice to drink and was about to settle for an import when I spotted three different types of brews from a place called Metropolitan Brewing. ( ) Brewed right here in Illinois. They had three different types:

Krankshaft -

Dynamo -

Flywheel -

I chose the six pack of Dynamo and took it home. was awesome. I like craft beers and this one was definitely excellent! It was smooth with just a hint of bite to it. Nice flavor though my descriptive ability for tastes is lacking so I can't compare it to anything. I finished three of them over microwaved meals while I was working out the the workshop last night. Here are some more reviews of it:

Got a number of things cleaned up out there while I was monitoring a network during the day as well as finishing up some tasks at night.

Got the bicycle hung up as well as the leaf blower and the 16 lb sledgehammer. Still working on getting rid of a number of thngs but not having a cheap avenue for disposing of electonics and components makes it a little tougher. Thankfully the scrap guys will take just about anything that is metal so the one server and the old heater casing can just go out on the street.

But at least I can walk a little better in there now. And getting closer to just hanging up all the tools on the pegboard and maybe some homemade swing-up pegboard holders on the one side of things.

I figured out that with the help of two sets of rod holders I can actually store my fishing rods on the backside of the garage door and not have them fall out. That will save me a lot of time and hassle. Long things and bulky things are the hardest to store in my opinion.

And I have to figure out what to do with the lawn mower I just got from my father-in-law. It's better than the one I have in the shed so I'll probably put the other one out on the street or give it to someone else. I haven't started that one in three years now because I usually use the lawn tractor and then the weed trimmer but really for a number of things I should be using the push mower to clean up.

Noticed the other day that the gutters on the side of the garage are sagging outward. That means the bolts holding them to the side of the roof are likely pulled out. Really need to spend for a good extension ladder but I'm holding off for a lot of reasons.

When I get paid on Monday I'll chunk another $1k to the credit card and drop it a bit. We still have a number of things to pay off yet including at this count two medical bills and one vet bill. The one Centegra bill I'm paying as can and paid off half of it last month, the vet bill we're paing in monthly installments, and the absolute last bill to be paid will be Dr. Nabongo the urologist who told me that my problems in bed after removing the kidney stent are due to "low testosterone" and my "extremely tiny testacles". *cough*asshole*cough*

Regardless we're putting these things on the credit card so other things (new motor for air compressor, etc.) are being put on hold until we get the balance back down. The card has helped us in a serious respect though despite us having a hefty balance on it.

It's allowed us to buffer our spending.

The problem sometimes when a family has two jobs is that they don't get paid equally or at the same time. This is our problem in a nutshell. (Besides of course too many shiny things at times. *ahem*) I get paid semi-monthly (15th, end of month) and my wife get's paid bi-weekly. This gives us an often unreliable income flow. The card allows us to deal with things when we have no money coming in. bills on time instead of late. Or deal with emergencies.

And before anyone asks we _always_ pay more than the minimum. A lot more.

Regardless the current balance has to be knocked down before we can deal with other things and before the end of the month I _know_ we'll be paying more things with it. (Said vet bill for instance.) End of the month money is used for only one thing - mortgage.

Speaking of which we actually got an escrow check the other day because we had an overage in our escrow account and by law they have to send that to us. Normally I would roll that back into the principal of the mortgage but we chose to apply it to bills. We bought a couple of things for ourselves then $500 of it went right into the credit card. So that worked out well enough. to do cleaning and eventually bake cookies! ^_^

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