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A Wrangling of Wrenches...

So while yesterday was some needed running around today (after I did phone support for my dad's computer problem) I worked on the two downed four-wheel vehicles.

Thanks to what a friend of mine taught me (former Chrysler mechanic turned I/T ISP geek) I was able to pull the starter on Dorothy in about ten minutes and get it swapped out. They tested it and it failed as expected. They also tested the new starter before they gave it to me. (The new starter has three green dots on it while the old starter had none. Those of you that understand quality control get what that means. ;-) Anyway this one is a happier starter.) And now that part of that car is fixed.

So I moved onto working on the truck. Borrowed some specialised line wrenches from the aforementioned friend and after much mess and fuss replaced the front brake line on the truck. (Sam) With my wife's help I did a basic bleed on the brakes but while the truck does stop now it doesn't stop well and I still get the Brake light on the dashboard. Likely more bleeding is needed. Hopefully I can get that done this week. And I also got my welder back so I can get the muffler welded. (My neighbours gave me a dirty look when I started the truck up as it was fairly loud.) Once those are done only the timing chain/water pump remain really. I'm sure there are other things due to the age of that vehicle but all in good time.

And the fact that I could get the truck halfway into the garage to work on the front brakes made all the difference. Almost to the point where I have all of it out of the one bay. It won't all be organised for some time but getting the one bay clear is a major accomplishment.

And....I wrote this weekend. Nothing large...a few paragraphs on something from the back burner. But I wrote. Working on doing more of that. Getting the car fixed will help that because now I can go back to my old schedule and be home some time early if all goes according to plan. That hopefully will leave me time to get writing done at home while I'm alone.

We'll plan on that going forward. :-)

Side question: Those of you that run Firefox or Linux in the US - have you seen your spell check software start flagging US English spellings as incorrect unless changed to UK spellings? Realized <---this word for example comes up with a red squiggle under it but realised does not. I don't think my Linux is set to British English. :-/

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