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Bomp bomp bomp....

...bomp bomp bomp... head is busy with all sorts of things and I really want to get things done but.

...bomp bomp bomp...

...bomp bomp bomp...

As I was saying I want to get things done and am indeed working on reloading my mail server. (Mom - this is why your camera currently isn't working.) Likely I'll only get the basics done this evening and the rest done during the week and the transition likely on Friday or Saturday.

In the meantime I've taken to listening to all sorts of music that has a repeating beat to it. Frankly it drowns out the outside noise and strangely helps me focus. Unfortunately I can't listen to it at work because I need to be able to answer the phone. Not really that much of an issue as I like what I do despite the frustration sometimes.

And I'm not really taking any suppliments any more. Some Potassium because I don't get enough in my diet but nothing else really. Dealing with just me and frankly it's working.

...bomp bomp bomp..."How many points do I receive!!!"....bomp bomp bomp...

In other news finally shipping boxes of stuff to my friend in that is long overdue. Have to be careful packing it because it's older circuit boards from back in the day. (For those in the know a bunch of Q-Bus boards.) And I'm shipping him some other things as well that I have lying around. :-)

In other news it's December and it's still warm enough to walk around without a coat. Near the Illinois and Wisconsin border. Not sure how I feel about that. Desert sands and acid seas. Desert sands and acid seas...

I miss the planet I grew up on. It's already gone in a lot of ways. I miss the cattails. They get fewer and fewer every year. A natural progression from a competing species but still...

Moving on...bomp bomp bomp....

My mind brims with ideas most of the time now. When I'm not tired that is. Still not enough resources to pursue a lot of them. Hopefully that will come next year. We'll be hopefully much more stable by that time. Still a lot of things to pay off though. This month will be the last payment to the vet for the care and cremation of Richie. Next month we still have a couple of big things but by mid February we should have started the downward balance trend on the credit card instead of the balancing act we've been doing up till now.

Speaking of balance I am holding at around 220 pounds sans clothes. Can't seem to really break that barrier for any length of time. Thinking about going pescatarian - fish and vegetable, no red meat, no fowl. Frankly while I still get called by it a lot of the time I seem to want vegetables more than meat. Though honestly I do want them roasted. Raw vegetables are only good to a point. Especially when you have bad dental work.

Still a basically vegetarian diet is new to me. Taking it one step at a time. Reducing the meat not cutting it out entirely. Unfortunately this is likely to go as well as cutting sugar out of my diet.

Sugar was restricted for trade for a reason dammit. (Despite what Pinkie Pie might say.)

...bomp bomp bomp..."Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcaaaakes!"....bomp bomp bomp...

Speaking of which there was actual sugar cane at the local small grocery store. Unfortunately it was very old and tough and not worth buying. I wonder if I can find some fresh stuff fairly close...

We need to do more natural cooking but it's tough. We don't really have the resources right now. In my own little world I could almost certainly cook stir-fry at work using my flameless camp stove. In reality however it would likely freak people the hell out and I'd get complaints. So I'll stick with whatever can be cooked in the microwave or reconstituted. If I didn't think it'd be weird I'd buy MREs with the heater in them and cook them outside.

Still not writing. Not sure why. I think this time it's because my mind is too busy and my body is too tired. Always some sort of excuse with me isn't it. I need to get Oranaan into that factory and I need to get George and Blaze back in motion. So many things to do there...

As for things to do there are plenty. A friend gave me a code for Saints Row the Third so I'm busy downloading that over Steam. It's going to take 21 hours at the current speed so I hope it's worth it. Sometimes you just need to shoot things.

Solstice is coming up. Looking forward to that not only because while she may not understand it it's my daughter's first Solstice but also because it's the first time a friend of mine is hosting Solstice. It's going to be a small intimate gathering and I really am looking forward to that. Should be fun. ;-)

Looking to start recording some of my projects and thoughts on video. Don't want to step on Popfiend's toes though so I'll have to figure out what I want to do first. Most won't be posted here though.

Looking at this camcorder:

It's not super but it does have dual mics and that's something I really want. Short of a mic input that is. And it takes most of the accessories I already have like my unused 32GB SDHC card. I'll be using it for mostly close controlled lighting work anyway and any clips I've seen on YouTube look comparable to the 720p Sanyo we already have.

On top of that I found an inexpensive but sturdy tripod at Goodwill for $8 and got the shoe for it for $13 online. So a decent tripod for around $20. It's a Walmart MX-2000P. Not fantastic but more than workable for my purposes.

So many things I want to do. Hope I have time and resources to do them all and spend time with my family as well. That last one is important despite what some people in my life think. I'm just so irritated by the things around me that I don't have anything left for anything else sometimes. :-(

...bomp bomp bomp..."Smile! Smile! Smiiile!"...bomp bomp bomp...

Just learned how to make custom statuses in Lync. My online status is Gnarfling the Garthrog and the location is Puttering in the Workshop. ^_^

Holy Pinkie's Brew! It's almost 11:30 pm. I need to wrap this up. Just waiting for my coworker to let me know he doesn't need my help.


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