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Let's see....

Woke up tired.

Got out the door a little late.

Lock on Dorothy frozen.

Had trouble getting the frozen door open.

Could not completely close the door due to the temp on the latching mechanism so had to remove dome light from the car to not run the battery down when I got to work.

Could not get OUT of the car on the driver's side due to door panel catching on frame. had to get out on the passenger's side.

Unlocked back car doors just in case. Can't re-lock them due to cold.

Fell on snow getting to office door.

Problems with my computer system at work.

Reached down to pick up a thumb tack in front of my desk. Hit my head on desk edge.


I can haz go back to sleep nao?

Hopefully I can at least get to the gym tonight and walk on the treadmill for a little while...

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