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Yet another set of bankrupt pants...

Sorry. Been busy with work work work. Not that I mind really. I spend a lot of time working because it's a good job with good people and well within my abilities.

Let's see...what's been happening...

The family is doing fine. My wife is concerned about my daughter having muscle twitches in her sleep but honestly I'm not too concerned. She's also concerned that my daughter seems to be pausing for periods of time - similar to what used to be called petite-mal seizures. Things like pausing mid-action or sitting and staring for a time until interrupted out of it.

Personally I'm not concerned because I know that such things can be caused by getting internally distracted. I have been doing these things for years to no ill effect. I often stop cold when struck by an intrusive thought or something I have never considered. This still happens to this day and I don't consider it a seizure any more than purposely stopping the motion of my arm or leg.

Unfortunately the doctors and my wife disagree and are putting my daughter on seizure medicine (mildy) until they can do a scan. I'm not happy with this but I'm leaving it alone. I just don't have the spoons right now to deal with it or fight it.

In other news I hopefully helped someone from afar. I was on one of the pony IRC channels and a kid there was complaining that his father played guitar too loud for him and that his microphone was also failing so he couldn't talk on Skype. So I boxed up my ancient Valcor mixer, cables, a Sony F320A microphone, some cheap noise cancelling headphones I'd repaired, and one of the two spare sets of Nady open-air headphones I had lying around and shipped it all to him. He got the second box but still waiting on the first box. I'm just glad that I had stuff around someone else could use and that I got the opportunity to help somebody.

It's strange but looking back while people did give me stuff there was always a sense of never having enough. That's not the fault of my parents just of life. People around me have always had more physical things or have done more cool shit than I've ever done. I'm frankly a little jealous. So when the opportunity to help alleviate that in others comes up I jump on it. I suppose that's all too human but it still feels intrusive in this day and age. Especially mailing someone something at random what with all the fears of predators or other nastiness in the world.

It saddens me that we seem to have lost the ability to just help others. I remember story after story growing up of someone seeing or hearing of someone having trouble then just sending what they could to help. They used to make news stories about it. Guess unless those stories are big enough to include a ton of people they don't rate any more because I don't see them any more.

As a side note I can't find my damn condenser mic. (MXL 990) I had it in a box with my M-Audio USB->XLR adapter and the entire box is missing. I know it didn't get thrown out but the only place I can think of it being is up in the attic of the garage. And I can't think of why it would get up there. I've looked everywhere else at this point. I'll find it I know but it's just frustrating. I need to clean out more stuff. I got rid of 5 older systems, a server case, and a box of misc parts through the recycling service at work. That helped a lot.

I'm slowly starting writing again. Little paragraphs here and there. I'm way behind but I think I'm finally moving again. I've got someone helping me edit the current chapters of The Unlicensed. I need to read up on Torn World so I can finish up Oranaan's current predicament - that world has grown so much since I wrote anything for it. And I've oddly started a Twilight Sparkle fanfic. Nothing weird just something my mind has been noodling with all of a sudden. I guess you just can't keep a good imagination down. ^_^

Health-wise I'm doing okay. Waiting on the finances to resolve some issues but I won't go into that. I am eating better for the most part but I still sit way too often. The big problem I'm dealing with is that we have a gym membership but I just can't currently get myself to go in there and walk on the treadmill due to social anxiety issues. I just don't want to be the fat guy on the treadmill in front of everybody. I'm not that overweight I'm just very self-conscious about it. People around me are all "just do it" but it's harder than they understand because they don't have the problem.

Anyway I'm going to go try and get motivating on my father's computer and other things. I'll try and posts here more often. Promise.

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