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The Girl who Folded Herself...


So...the girl...

Page one started on the swing next to a man out of place.

Then she was uploaded and "patched" and that gave her the ability to hack the PathWeb later on.

And she's always a nanny or caretaker I'll bet. A role that she plays again and again.

And she's skeptical. And she's connected. Across all her lives. Though not likely with full memory in all of them. And I bet in no incarnation has she ever been able to bake a soufflé.

My gut feel is that it would be too wonderful for her to be another timelord so she has to be the result of something else. She's either binding events in the universe together or pushing them apart.

And then there's the name. Oswin. Or...Oz Win.

Now you get to see how a strange little part of my mind works.

1) Ozwin is how my mind hears that name. With a Z.

2) The card from GI, the faded face on the screen in black and white, the shape of that face....and...the printing font on the business card itself.

The Great Intelligence. The font on the card is very reminiscent of The Great and Powerful Oz posters from The Wizard of Oz. The black and white face of the Great Intelligence throws similar images from the black and white portion of that movie into my head. I think all that was done on purpose. And I think that at the end we will find a small boy hiding behind the curtain so to speak.

3) The Doctor doesn't understand Clara. At all. That means she's something older than him in style or being OR she's something new in the universe. Frankly I'd be happy either way. we see more of the story. ^_^

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