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Cleaning started....

Gave the kitchen a thorough cleaning today. Right down to scrubbing the wood floors. Not a perfect cleaning but the kitchen counter looks fab and the wood floors look nice and shiny now. Also got rid of the musty smell in the washer and got the dishwasher all cleaned up. And cleaned both bathrooms with the exception of the shower and the small area of wood floor in the water closet. Used up almost all the white vineger though. Have to pick up more of that. Thankfully that is cheap.

Tomorrow I do a repair on the right-hand drain in the kitchen sink then remove all the clothes from the bedroom and fold any that aren't already folded. Then put them all back away again. As many as I can fit that is. There are a lot of people out there that swear by rolling things up and rubber-banding them before putting them in the drawers. I think I'm going to try that with my clothes at least. I already know it works well with towels but I'm not ready to tackle the linen closet yet.

So after the sink and clothes then comes the discarding of paper in general and discarding of things in the workshop in particular. I think I'll take the plow and chains off the tractor and try to put those in the shed. I really could use another shed. If the cheap plastic ones weren't so expensive I'd just buy another pre-made one and store the lawn tractor and firewood in it. There's move than enough space to the right of the existing shed. I wonder if I can get a shed off of Freecycle...

If I'm really lucky I'll be able to start on the yard tomorrow. But that's a outside chance at best. Though my father said he might come up and give me a hand. Here's hoping. :-)

At least I fixed the broken water pipe in the basement. That's going to have to get all replaced this year. Hopefully I can get all that stuff accumulated over time so it won't break the bank.

That said the snow is all melted and that's a sign that I have to get my truck fixed. The plates have expired on it but I need to get the brakes fixed anyways so I can get it to my friend's house and do the timing chain on it. Dorothy is currently either leaking more slowly or the leak has stopped entirely. Going to pour some oil dry out on the parking space in the driveway and park over it repeatedly and see where if anyplace she's still leaking. Tightened up the valve cover bolt under the coil and that seemed to have done it. Time will tell though.

Need to get the bike in the workshop and do the jets on the carbs as well as repair the seat and hopefully paint the tank. The plates and insurance on it are current and if I don't ride it this year then what's the point in having it? Especially if work moves offices nearer the airport and they tell me I have to come in regularly. And anyways I love to ride. ^_^ Ohh...I also need to replace my modular helmet because it broke the swing-pin assembly. Not gonna be cheap though. Especially in XL. :-(

Speaking of Work they're talking about doing the Urban Warrior Dash in June which is being held in Chicago. I think I'm up for that. I need to start working out more but now that the basement isn't damp I can start punching the heavy bag again. AND this gives me even more motivation to overcome my social issues about going to the gym to walk on the treadmill. Really should never have gotten rid of that other one. Seriously. We can use one around here.

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