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Girl Interrupted.

That's what I'm going to call Oswin. All of her life was interrupted when her mother died. That's the first interruption.

I will go no further than that at this point.

In other news....I think I've figured out a way to recover Donna or at least let her live her life out with some measure of knowledge. Actually a couple of ways I think.

The first way would be rather strange. We know that having the memories burn up her brain. We also know that it takes time to do that. We've also seen that there's a fail-safe cut-off. So here's the thing...why can't you interrupt that process and reset the memory cap regularly. Recall, cap, recall, cap. Kind of like modulating a signal that's too strong so that it can be dealt with. The memories would be available but not nearly as fast as real-time. As for the heat...well I'm pretty sure there's enough ways to dump heat into the universe far far away from Donna Noble. Also Donna would never lose any new memories because what she carries in her head is all time and space - that includes the present. (I'm speculating on the nature of Time Lords here a bit but I think it fits well enough. Frankly I think The Doctor knows everything he's just chosen to forget much of it. Or he only has an appreciable amount of the data to him at any one time. A human can access perhaps 5% of all time and space but a Time Lord can access say 50%.)

Admittedly this way leaves the door open for a writer to make her an even more tragic character - The Doctor finds her alive but forever merged with a giant machine to keep her from dying. But she has most of the knowledge. (...) I should shut up before Moffatt hears me.

The second way is pretty simple but in retrospect it would take an entire human life to recall any appreciable amount of the data. Bank Switching. The memories can be blocked then the blocks categorised. It would take more than several human lifetimes to access it all. But at least some of it would be available.

Wouldn't it be cool if Donna got access to her knowledge back somehow and 11 gave her a piece of the Tardis to grow? :-)

Umm...wait...just realised that the Tardis can recreate the Time Lords or at least some form of them. I'd like to see that. The birth of a new race of Time Lords. That would be pretty cool.

BTW...Amy Pond...currently stuck in time...still has all of time and space in her head. Or an appreciable amount of it. And she's not burning up. Just saying.

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