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Yet another problem with my mind...

If it's stimulating word-wise or visually (same thing sometimes) I will recall it when triggered to.

This is why I used to read more and more new things. Because it takes a long long time before I forget a book that I enjoyed. (And some I didn't enjoy.) The same goes for movies. 5 minutes into reading it and I've recalled the basic plotline. With movies it could be as small as a moment of 'Oh. It's that movie.' and I recall almost the entire film.

Sometimes I still catch details I missed the first time around but as time goes on a longer and longer span exists between rereads/rewatches. Eventually I just forget about rewatching the film/show again because I am always recalling what I watched. It becomes no fun any more.

Thankfully there are shows and movies that I haven't seen enough times. These are almost always the ones I really enjoyed. The ones precious to me. Firefly/Serenity for example. I was able to re-watch it all again this weekend and I enjoyed every bit and caught a great amount of things I missed first time 'round. Sadly I know that won't last so now I have to restrict myself to how many times I watch it.

I hate it. I would love to be able to just forget some things in my life.

Unfortunately that's unlikely to happen. Perhaps that's why people truly get Alzheimer's. They no longer want to recall things so they shut down proper recall so they can experience those things anew. Unfortunately for them they end up experiencing those things that are for the most part highly emotionally charged but are not necessarily what they want to remember. And then...when they realize the mistake...they can't turn proper recall back on.

Please do not take my ramblings as if I do not believe there is a medical reason for Alzheimer's! I'm just theorizing and sputtering off at the keyboard. Please.

Ten minutes and my daughter will be in bed. Then I'll go to the store and pick up some inexpensive aquarium parts and go out to the workshop and be creative with them, three plastic tubes from replacement automotive wiper blades, and some LEDs. Hopefully it will go well.

Or maybe I'll just go to sleep myself and try and start fresh tomorrow. Either one works.

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