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Where's the cartoon mallot when you need it?

So I found out a person I follow occasionally ( ) has similar sleeping issues to what many of us deal with. I have friends who deal with the sleep apnea thing and I deal with what I call the ADD-Hey-Macarena sleep thing. ( ) I'm currently trying to cut down on sugar in my diet (partially successfully) and I'm trying chamomile tea (unsweetened) before bed. Not sure what will work for me but I do know that the usual sleep aides often have the opposite effect. Still going to try the one set of sleep supplements as well for a week. "Super Snooze" I think is the name of them. They contain the usual natural suspects but in concert with each other so maybe they'll work a little different.

My wife says my breathing is steady at night so I'm unlikely to have sleep apnea and we can't afford a sleep study right now anyway.

Once I can afford it (they aren't all that cheap) I'm getting a Bluetooth heart monitor and a copy of Buddha Mind for the iPhone and going to try what is effectively biofeedback meditation. I can get one as low as $65 but I want a better one so likely $90. But that's down the road a ways yet money-wise.

This sleep stuff really bogs me down. It affects everything I do. Everything from creativity to just speaking in general. Meditation and Magic are particularly affected. What's worse it makes the music in my head much louder. And while I'm a fan of loud music at times I prefer it to come from my headphones.

Speaking of which I've pretty much finalised my playlist for the Urban Warrior Dash. There doesn't appear to be a water hazard with this one but I'm still planning on a waterproof enclosure of some kind for my Sansa Clip. And if it gets killed I won't be too upset because it's easily replaced. I will mourn it's demise though as a faithful music player because it's about as simple as you can get, inexpensive, and works gangbusters with all my operating systems. ( iTunes being the lame only exception.)

Off to sleep. I hope Luna the Dreamwarden is on duty tonight...

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