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Double The Doctor...

We missed last week's Doctor Who so we watched both that one and the current one this evening so you get my take on Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and The Crimson Horror.

All right then...

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

First...there's something you need to remember from Amy Pond's wedding.

Nothing is ever truly forgotten.

So...that means...Clara knows The Doctor's name. And on some level she will forever know it just as Amelia Pond will forever carry the universe inside her head and Rory will never lose those 2000 years of memories.

Second...we may have just watched the creation of Clara.

Stick with me here.

Time in the Whoovian universe is so darn flexible that even with the fixed points (which I can only assume are part of what's holding it all together) it can twist itself into knots so tight even The Doctor can't unwind them. The last time all this happened so badly was when the TARDIS exploded.

And again here we see a crack in time...within a machine designed among other things to ALTER time and space.

Furthermore the shields were down and the TARDIS was madly reconfiguring herself likely every millisecond on some level. (Even after dickboy kanked the auto-repair. [And yes that was the auto-repair for my money.])

That leave any of those millisecond moments for Clara to be fractured and scattered about the universe. Imagine her being sent to untold number of places and untold number of times. (For the sake of being human we'll assume the TARDIS safety circuits were still mostly operational and there aren't millions of dead Claras floating about the cosmos. *ahem* ) This also would explain why the TARDIS doesn't take kindly to her. She's a living memory of a horrible experience for the TARDIS. And remember that the TARDIS experiences everything all at once. (Oh and I need to dig into it but the voice on the hand-held salvage scanner sounded very very familiar.)

Regardless right there within this episode could easily be the creation of the mystery that is Clara. I'm betting I'm wrong but I've been right before. ;-)

That said the solution to this episode strikes me as quite reasonable but also a little disappointing. I'm sure we could do with some clever solutions that would have been better. I admit though that if there was a proper use of the Big Red Reset Button for television this one certainly did it properly. I'm just hoping we never see that damn egg-button again.

On to The Crimson Horror...

This was definitely meant to just be a one-shot. There were some things that may come to fruit later and letting Chrome Dome, The Lizard, and Jenny know Clara was still alive somehow will likely muddy the waters if they go back to that time period again. (Note: We haven't seen the last of those three I'll bet. They just make too good of a comedy team.)

Okay...the Thomas Thomas. No. Don't do that again. Silly and fun, yes. Subtle? No. And it would have taken only one thing to make it slightly better and more subtle. Remove one Thomas from his name.

Moving on...

The episode struck me as far too comedic but then a number of previous Doctors had those as well. I'll excuse the comedy but really I guess the episode didn't feel polished to me.

Oh...and then there's the penis leech. Yes...crawling across the floor...that thing looked like a damn penis. Sorry. It did. A penis with tiny arms crawling across the floor. Not. Acceptable. Not for Doctor Who. I'm all down with hiding the member in the scenery. I mean most people will NEVER find those unless you're searching for them. But this was right out in the open. Bad judgement by someone. Prop department. Cameraman. Director. Not sure who to blame on that one.

Oh and then she beat it to death. While we were looking at it from penis-view. There's only one time before this that I've even immediately felt the need to cross my legs like that and it was an accident in a porn movie my friends and I watched years ago. (Yes my friends and I - both male and female - used to watch porn then Riff/MST3K it. It's actually quite fun.)

Moving FURTHER on...

There are obviously some fun things in this episode though. My love for Chrome Dome increases every time I see him on screen. He's a hoot. I'm _still_ laughing at the original Clara sequence with the memory worm.

But overall it's not an episode I'd watch again.


We're bringing kids on the TARDIS next episode. This can't end well. If it were me I'd have asked The Doctor to borrow the memory worm. But that would cause even more outcry.

Still..I'll wait and see.

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