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Spendy spendy spemdy...


I looked over the finances this week and it's going to be another tough end of the month for us. Partly because frankly we're spenders. And quite frankly I'm the worse of the two of us but my wife has her share.

So....I've just deleted all of my E-Bay and Amazon lists. Everything on them is now gone. And I know that with my memory most of those things aren't coming back. If I want something from E-bay I will have to look it all up again and make the choice as to if I want it.

The only things I did put back on there is a $59 gable fan for the workshop so I can cool it without having to run the A/C unit out there and a $100 solar attic fan which would be the ideal to cool the house. Though looking at that item it looks like a solar panel and four muffin fans in a frame. I might be able to make that one.

Regardless I need to rein it all in. I might even have to give up my paid accounts on a lot of things an go back to free accounts. Some things like Torn World I'll still support but there are a fair amount of ducks nibbling us to death that I can easily remove. I'll just have to go through them all.

There's so many things I want. So many things I really need. But what I want most of all is that feeling of being stuck to go away. And the worst thing is I keep remembering how much money we squandered when I worked my network manager position. Very little of it saved and very little of it invested. That one always hits me in the pit of my stomach.

That said, a fair amount of that money (just like current money does when we're flush) went towards giving somebody a hand up. I don't donate to organizations but the universe never once left me without someone I could help in some way.

And that's money well spent. I'll never regret that portion.

But the rest of it....very very grasshopper. Very little ant.

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