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Technical limitations of multiple touch screen monitors...

Just mentally leaving myself a note here because I don't have a notebook handy.

I work with four large LCD monitors and a laptop screen at work. So five screens today. And I need every bit of space.

My problem is that I'm using a lot of mouse action to move from screen to screen and that of course causes the usual symptoms.

So why haven't we developed a synchronized touch screen driver yet? I mean touch screen monitors in large sizes are dropping in price every year. Capacitive kits are all the rage but resistive kits would do just as well for most purposes.

Looking at the problem I find that you'd have to have what amounts to a second graphics card. Or at least the equivalent memory space of one. Basically you've have to create a virtual overlay that represents the combined resolution of the multiple monitors. If your system has a decent amount of memory this would be fine but only if you can lock a chunk of that away from the operating system except for a modified mouse driver. In fact if you were able to reserve that memory space you could in fact do multitouch for all those monitors at once. I mean effectively it's just a table programming-wise. (In my limited programming experience that is.) And there are already drivers (for Windows at least) that support multiple mouse inputs at once so you could easily modify that to accept point.

The trick of course (besides writing all of this) is matching all the resolutions exactly and tracking all that in real time. It would probably use up a fair amount of processing power until the software was properly optimized. And Goddess forbid you change resolutions on the fly. It would make RTS gaming much more interesting though. ;-)

I did see a link to ten finger multitouch on Windows 8 but that was only on one monitor.

Anyways just random rambling. A real post probably this weekend as I pack for next weekend and try and swap a bike tire on my motorcycle.

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Tags: ideas, inputdev, insanity, inventions, lcd, monitors, multitouch, programming, prototypes
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