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So it's been a little rougher than usual but we're getting through. Not a big deal. We've had some recent money adjustments that we're dealing with as well as a number of other things.

Mom-don't send money. You need it more than we do. 'K?

Work has been insanely busy. Fortunately we've signed on a new 1st level technician that will take a fair amount of the simple things off my back. I get to train him too so he'll hopefully do things right. ;-P

Regardless he starts as part-time then in 6 months if he does well he becomes full time. The personality of the guy is good and he seems like he knows the value of hard work so this should work out well.

But yeah we've been hella busy the last month and we're getting more work in here soon. That's a good thing even if I'm not being paid by the hour. ^_^

Went to start the swap of the bike tires on the motorcycles and found that there are cracks down the center of the other one so that's no good. That means likely $100 for a tire if I want to ride my motorcycle this year. Fortunately we have a credit on the DSL account so we don't have to pay anything this time around. There's my $100 for my tire.

I think I'm going to start playing the lottery. Yes...yes...I know....hypocrite. In fact that is true. But honestly the tiny amount of money per week versus the potential gain is something I can get behind. And I'm likely going to be dropping the $5/month fax service as well as the DVD service of Netflix and going with all streaming. That's $10/month or so right there. I want to be a good geek and drop my Crunchyroll subscription as well as my paid LJ/Dreamwidth accounts but honestly I actually do use those.

I've attempted to do a good deed but it looks like nothing will come of it. I sent an email to Troika Talent and asked what it would cost to get Matt Smith to call a friend of mine who's mother has just recently lost her battle with pancreatic cancer. He could really use the boost. Alas they never replied to my email and likely it was lost in the billions of Doctor Who fanmail. Not a big deal as it was a longshot anyway.

Wrote the next chapter in my MLP fanfic (Becoming Twilight). If you're going to give me guff for liking My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic or writing fanfic then just shove off. I have no need of haters. I like what I like and that's that.

And besides I need to get writing again and anything that moves that forward is a good thing in my opinion.

Still not sure if the attic fan is working or not. I just can't seem to catch it running if it is. I may put a camera up there and see if it goes off.

I'd love to set up monitoring throughout the house. Something like shipboard monitoring that tells me the state of every little thing at a glance and alerts me if something is going wrong or is out of band. It's not hard to do really. A few circuits, a system to monitor those circuits, something else to report it to an interface. Basic SCADA stuff. As usual the problem is time and resources. I'm sure I could scrounge the resources if I had the time. But time is the most valuable resource of the lot and I can't seem to accumulate enough blocks of it to get things done.

Truth be told I likely have enough time if organised properly but I don't seem to have enough energy of late. So likely it's a combination problem. Much like most things in my life.

Just started Bioshock Infinite. Good game so far and my laptop and desktop both run it well on High Graphics. Damn is that a pretty game. And it's chock full of little things. It's going to take me a hell of a time to finish.

Right now though I have to run to the grocery store. Maybe more info later.


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