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From peace to battle...

So my friends and I went camping this last weekend and while it was colder than we've ever had on a Memorial Day weekend camping trip it was fun just to hang out and relax.

That said coming back to work on Tuesday was brutal. Tons of stuff to do and compensating for other people still taking time off made it particular challenging but I got through it. And I'll continue to get through it. Just the way I am. Could use slightly more leisure time but so can everybody else.

A friend has so far gifted me three different Steam games that I've only played a little of each. I really would like to spend a whole day playing games but that's unlikely to happen. Anyways all of them play well on my work laptop which has awesome Nvidia graphics in it to the point where the rendering of Bioshock Infinite looks just like the trailers. (The desktop gaming machine does full speed rendering but the graphics card has some angular mesh to it when playing that game. *shrug* Still a beautiful game regardless.) And both systems render XCOM just fine. The problem as usual is time.

Didn't get any writing done while camping like I wanted. I did manage to absorb a few more stories from my Kindle. Even with the case that has the LED light in it running for several hours it hardly touched the battery. And it's not even close to full yet and Amazon has plenty of free book offers from time to time so unless I want to read something in particular I'm not really spending any money there.

Dorothy is not quite fixed. The caliper has been replaced but I'm still experiencing symptoms. (Yes Mashblock the hoses are next. :-) You'll be happy to know a mechanic friend of mine also suggested the same.) I'll see if I can't squeeze one or two of those into this check but right now I'm very focused on getting bills beaten back to some reasonable level. (Medical bills suck.)

Making my own iced tea bottles to take to work. Both sweet and not. I have plenty of plastic bottles free since I am not set up for brewing yet so I'm able to use those. Cold brewing them with a teabag in each overnight seems to work quite well. And is fantastically cheaper. So there's a win there. :-)

Not running in the Urban Warrior Dash. None of us from the office can make it that weekend as there's a work related thing going on for one of our customers. Thankfully because of that we can expense the fee out. Hopefully we can get into the regular one in August but we're also looking at alternate courses. Turns out there's quite a lot of them.

Time to try and get some sleep now...

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