nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Random idea...

I once posted the idea of inserting Brita filters into PVC pipes to make your own water filtration system. It just occurred to me that this could also be used to purify air. The flow would be greatly reduced but for confined areas this could be used to push a slightly purified air. It might look like a Blue Man Group bank of pipes but it would work.

It also occurs to me that these would be an idea method to cheaply scrub CO2 from a confined space. 1) Recirculate the CO2 laden air through the filter. 2) After X period of time pump regular air through the filter to "regenerate" the carbon. Granted algae might be a better solution overall but that requires water and a dry source is much easier to use.

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Tags: air filtration, environement, prototypes
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