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Wibbly Wobbly Fathery Wathery

So as expected father's day has come and gone. This year was good for me as I got to rest. (Well I worked on my mother's computer since she brought it down but that was to be expected.)

I got many things done including reading more Game of Thrones but this afternoon I was relaxing and for a lark I searched for Doctor Who things on Pinterest.

That comes up with like a billion awesome things. :-)

But it brought back something that I told my wife once. If the Tardis and The Doctor show up on my doorstep and those blue doors open for me I will be gone in a heartbeat. Amd my wife understands this. (I'm fairly certain if a blue box showed up for her she'd be gone as well but I digress.)

It wasn't until today though that I understood something I hadn't before. I understand why I would go now even though I have a wife and child.

As a father you couldn't help but go. Not if you're any responsible persona that is.

It would be a great adventure. It would show me things I've never seen in my life and fill me with wonder beyond imagining. But something else would happen.

The Doctor helps people. He helps people all across the universe. He helps make the universe a better place. A safer place. A more fantastic and wondrous place. A place that a child should grow up in and experience.

And that right there is the reason that would make all the difference. I would go because it's the one chance in my lifetime to help make the universe safer and more stable on a larger scale than just my two hands and my tiny life. And that's something that I can't pass up. The opportunity to make the universe a safer place for my family.

Yes I know I can and am working to make the universe a stable place for my wife and child right here and now. But one thing that I learned a long time ago is that even though it doesn't seem like it when you help others you get that help back in return.

So by helping stablize some part of the universe on a grander scale I would be helping to stabilize my own piece of the universe.

And even if I never returned I'd know that I'd done more than most fathers and husbands could ever do to help keep their family safe.

I realize how crazy this all sounds but in the end I couldn't choose any other path if it came to me.

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Jun. 17th, 2013 03:29 pm (UTC)
Likewise, if I ever see swirling sparkles in the air, accompanied by a chiming/humming sound, I'll run to "boldly go where no one has gone before"...
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