nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Well Dorothy is driveable again anyways...

So far what it turned out to be was the main clip-style ground wire from one side of the driver's side transmission mount to the other. Replaced that with a bolted style ground wire and the PCM fuse no longer blows. Wheee! That said if it blows on the way to work I've got a whole bag of fuses to get me to work and back. XD (Yes yes I know that repeated fuse replacement can cause issues. I"m of the opinion after a couple of test drives yesterday that she's fixed.)

Got the tire for the motorcycle in this week. Got the wheel off the bike but couldn't get the old tire off the rim. The rim is too deep for me to properly grab the tire bead. :-( That means I'll have to take the wheel somewhere and get it done. No big but as usual money I didn't want to spend.

On a brighter note those of you interested in classic computing will like this - I now have a virtualized Vax running OpenVMS 7.3 on it. It's running on a NetBSD VM using SIMH. I'm trying to get Circlemud to build on it but it's got a bug in it somewhere as it crashes when it tries to load zones. Fun stuff. :-)

Well I just heard my wife get out of the shower so I need to get going to work now that I can drive myself there. A good week to all those I know! :-)

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Tags: mud, vax, vehicle maintenace, virtual machines
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