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Post Toasty Post

So we got some things done in the yard yesterday thanks to the minions lent to me by The Duck (my sister - I'll explain that later) and I paid them according to what I felt they did.

And I was not unimpressed. They worked and worked well and did not complain. That was well worth the money. The Duck makes good minions.

But we got a makeshift arbor so to speak above the firewood. I used to have a fenced garden with T-stakes and metal square fencing (not chicken wire) and we took the t-stakes and put them on one side and fastened the other side to another T-stake and the shed. We stretched the square fencing between the one side and the shed. Then I put the grape vine that was climbing my downspout in that area on top of the wire. When that fills in it will shade the area so nothing grows and keep some of the rain off the wood.

Seeing as the city says I can't have two freestanding buildings on my property for whatever reason. (Probably the same flawed reasoning as to why they outlaw chickens. They likely don't know enough to just outlaw roosters. Lack of knowledge is what I'm referring to.)

All-in-all the week off has sucked a little for me. I managed to relax a little but still did not get much of what I wanted done. I'm slowly cleaning things out but I failed to list things to sell on Tuesday evening which is the best time for US listings. I also didn't get my motorcycle tire replaced which I wanted to do as well. (Thinking about carefully cutting the old tire off then all I have to worry about is getting the new tire on there.)

Re-visited the random clicking issue with my Macbook and found that it wasn't just a software problem. Turns out the one side of the touchpad button is depressed from time and use. Squeezing the right corner of the laptop produce a click of the mouse. Checked the battery and it's not bloated either so it's definitely a mechanical failure. This is unrelated to the random touch-click activation I posted the resolution for earlier. I was having two separate problems at the same time.

I am now the proud owner of a black-powder concrete nailer - aka a concrete gun. It's the cheaper one you have to hit with the hammer but I'm okay with that. This and the roll of sill gasket material along with spray foam will allow me to create a barrier in the basement to keep the tiny seepage of ground water at bay until I can pour concrete. It'll also officially get me started on building up that basement to be more finished. Probably going to use a drop ceiling in there though as it'll be easier to do wiring in there. Going to see what a box of pot lights cost too even though I can't afford them just yet. A dozen pot lights down there would work perfectly. And since I smoke a pipe I'm going to put an exhaust fan down there as well. Found one that actually looks really elegant. It was on Woot briefly. Similar to these but not as insanely priced:

I really want the space down there not to just be my workspace/hacker/maker/gaming space. I want it to be a refuge as well when storms hit. I want it to be comfortable. That's going to take some money and work but I think we can do it fairly cheaply. Biggest concerns right now though are blocking off the one seepage point, repairing the one electrical outlet, and moving my computer/electronics stuff down there. It would be awesome if I could find a slightly shorter rack than the two 7' ones I have now. They are wonderful but short of enlarging the hole in the floor (which we're not ready to do yet) are just not able to be installed in the basement space. Still considering building my own rack to hang off hurricane brackets but I'm not sure that's wise or the best use of my time right now.

One thing that did happen while I was off is a couple more chapters of the MLP:FIM fanfic I've been writing. Writing flows so much better for me when I'm not slammed with crap so to speak. But I'm sure other writers have the same issue so I'm not going to go there. That said one of the reasons I'm trying to get the basement organized is that it'll give me a better writing space so I can use two monitors on my Linux desktop. I like Focuswriter but I may try and use it in conjunction with Writer's Cafe as I'm getting to the point where due to life I'm having issues keeping track of all the side info. And that's going to be essential if I want to start writing on other tracks that I've let slip into the background.

As for The Duck? I call my sister that because of the fact that she keeps her feet at about a 60 degree angle when she walks. Having had a sensei who whacked my ankles with a staff every time I failed to keep my feet straight it just struck me funny the way she walks. So my phone ringtone for her is a duck. And like anything else she just rolls with it. I try not to tease her often about it though.

Well I've rambled enough. Time to get some real work done. *sigh* Dishes again...

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