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Rainy Day Dreams...

So...I've come to the horrible conclusion that I'm going to have to completely shelve or even give up some things that I'm either trying to do or doing. This isn't because I don't want to do them. Far from it! In point of fact there are far too many things I want to do and too little time to do them! (BTW - I know I've probably been repeato-boy on this subject before but please indulge me.)

First. The things I'm not giving up.

1 - writing. It costs me nothing but time and sanity to do and is near to my heart. And that's not going away any time soon. (A side to writing is sketching. I'm a visual person and sometimes the picture writes the story.)

2 - Jewelry. I have so many drawings and ideas of things I want to do and actually have most of the materials to do what I want that I will never get them all done.

3 - Fishing. I find that not only do I enjoy going out on the boat but I enjoy the solitude of night fishing quite a bit.

4 - Computers. Programming will likely never be a skill I'll come to know more than in passing but I do enjoy putting them all together and keeping them running and running odd things on them.

5 - Growing things. Not sure where or when but I will have a garden again even if it's a shelf of tiny herbs somewhere in the house.

Those are the big five. I'm not saying those are permanent because people change their minds all the time but those are the four I am going to try and focus on from here on out.

Things I am going to stop doing for now:

1 - Music. Trying to learn an instrument, or music in general, is something that I've come to the conclusion I don't want enough yet. Down the road if I decide differently it'll become number 6 but for now it's on hold.

2 - Craft Woodworking. I enjoy it. When I take my time I'm even good at it. But it requires time and resources that I just can't spare and like the music I just don't want it bad enough.

3 - Metalwork. I love the smell of heated metal and the sparks from a welder or hammer. The problem is that I don't have the time or space for it. And right now no money for it either.

4 - Electronics work. Hobby circuitry and even some repairs are now on hold. I'll still have a workshop space set up for them but it'll be for repair mainly.

5 - Paper/Journal making. Yet another thing I don't have time or resources for and frankly don't want it bad enough to keep it within even a secondary focus.

6 - Animation. This is something I've got the software and skills to do but not the time.

7 - Video Editing. Same as animation. Both take up extreme blocks of time that I just can't spare.

8 - Prop making. I love it and it often can be done on minimal resources but requires more time and a better workshop as well as a focus. I can't spare any of those right now.

9 - Singing. For years I've been trying to work on my voice and frankly unless I want to sing bad Country it's not anywhere up to any par at all. Again. I don't want it enough. It's not like I'll never utter another note it's just that it's no longer on the plate right now. (Strangely this one seems to hurt more than the others. Probably because it was higher up years ago but without the music thing, time, and will I can't keep it up at this time.)

10 - I've said this one before No matter how hard I try and how hard I know the realities of it my mind still wants to go to the stars. I know that unless they develop anti-gravity and warp drive tomorrow I'm unlikely to ever leave this planet. This is unbelievably hard for me to give up on. I keep thinking..."someday"... But it's never going to happen and it's taking up mental cycles I could really REALLY use elsewhere.

All said that's the list for now. Things shift and change so this might not be the list a year from now.

Right now? Sleep. Then cleaning the house tomorrow so it's clean for visiting friends.

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