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Glorious Sleep

So...been a bit busy since December 21st. Thing haven't slowed down really. Family stuff both close and extended, work stuff - company rebranded - no not bought out just name change, money troubles, adopted a Lhasa Ahpso named Bartek, weird weather, etc.

So today and tomorrow I'm off work and after helping get the kid off to school and taking the dogs out I puttered on the computer a bit until 9 am Central. Then I crashed until my wife called me about 30 minutes ago. The body must have been worn out a bit because I hit the bed and didn't move or shift that whole time. Of course that leaves me sore a little.

So now I've eaten something and am vertical again sort of. Going to try and get moving on stuff here a little but seriously sluggish. I think it's just the wind-down from being on top of everything for 3+ months. Think I'm gonna start playing the lotto. It's about time I won. ;-P

Let's see...things to start with today are dishes as usual, laundry as I had to wash my towel this morning, and maybe I'll tackle the kitchen table if I'm brave. Small steps if I can. Tomorrow it's definitely focus on the bills and the downstairs. I need to get that space all sorted out in basic before I move on to more complex things and if the money is there this weekend is the time to do the re-wiring so it's a 30A circuit down there. Need to be able to turn things on at will and not worry about if the breaker is going to pop.

Not that I need the increased electric bill that is. We went up to about $250 this month as we had to kick the furnace on more often and I got my work monitors all set up. Shut down some systems recently so hopefully that helps a little. Need to finish virtualizing the mail server among other things. Frankly if my systems didn't take so long to boot I'd be just shutting them down at night. The BIOS on the work laptop allows for auto-power-on at a specific time per day but the drive is encrypted and requires a password so it waits just after power on. So that doesn't help me. Have to think about that one. The CPU is upgradeable to a Core i5 or Core i7 which would definitely help the boot issue. I just don't think the money is there yet.

Speaking of money I'm hoping my expense check comes in today as we definitely need it. Between the dog adoption and other things we are more than a little thin this week. Thankfully the expense checks now represent a hard extra $125 above that $75 we were already getting. That will help considerably but I truly need to find a secondary source of income that I can fit in with my work schedule. We also need to buy the tax software this weekend so we can get all our filing done and out of the way. Years past we would have already filed by now. Other than that we also seriously need to cut back and just live the mac and cheese lifestyle and sock away cash. If things stabilize my wife and I agree that the expense check can go right into the credit card and savings equally. I think this is a good plan. (So much for me buying my new tent before Memorial Day weekend. Found one that I want to try out but it's at least $200. The _really_ big one I want is insane at $350 minimum. I also wanted the inflatable sofa bed to go with it but that's another $50. So $400. Yeah. Not happening.)

Anyone ever donate blood for money? I'm fat enough still I should be able to generate quite a bit of it. ;-P

All this leads me to the fact that I should be doing something with the craft knowledge I have such as making etched copper jewelry or something. But honestly there's no way I can jump into something like that while all the base functions are such a mess. I'd love to ask my friends for help but most of them are in the same boat - long hours and very tired. And I don't want to be the guy that calls for a favor when other people need the same help. Besides what I need cleaned out only I can do because only I know what I can and can't get rid of.

But I can get rid of quite a lot.


Ponyville must be late with Winter Wrap-up again. ;-P

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