nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

So tired of seeing people shrouded in darkness...

I see so many people these days who feel beaten down. They feel like there's no good left in the world. Like they are alone and there's no one else who could be going through what they are going through.

The problem with all that is it's not true...but no one can see that easily.

It's like good people put out a light. It's bright when they are happy It's bright when they are true to themselves and following their own path. It's bright when they help others. The more happy people the brighter it is.

People who are not so good put out a dark fog. It shrouds everything. It isolates us so that we can't easily see the light in others let alone our own light.

When you have a group of people shining brightly it makes the rest of the fog darker until you either shine brightly as well or get closer to others that shine brightly.

There's never going to be any shortage of why not shine brightly anyways? The brighter you shine the more other bright people notice. Eventually bright shining people gather together.

Don't count out the people who produce fog either. Their light is either just dim or turned off. That can be changed. Not directly by anyone but them, but if you inspire them to turn it on...

Yes it takes effort to shine, Goddess knows I don't do it enough myself, but the results are more valuable than a great many other things in life.

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Tags: belief, faith, philosophy
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