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Dryer: 1 - Nimitzbrood: 0

So about a week or so ago the dryer quit running. Diagnosing the symptoms and the first potential part to replace was the thermal fuses and the thermostat. $8 on E-Bay for new parts.

BZZZT! Wrong. Still same symptoms. Light is on when the door is open, door switch is confirmed tested good, dryer doesn't even attempt to spin the motor when the timer is set and the button pushed.

Weirdly with all the diagnostics I've done it seems like the thermostat, switches, and timer switch appear to be good now but the dryer never starts. There is a second thermostat but that appears to be the cycling thermostat and not the main one. Unless we just have an odd thermostat that doesn't match what our model is supposed to have. (The one in the kit doesn't have a heating element but the cycling one does.)

There has been help offered in the form of a "buy a dryer via a relative and pay them" but I'm not quite ready to do that yet. Not unless we were going to replace both the washer and dryer.

So next candidate is the timer switch but it occurs to me that I might want to take a voltmeter to the motor with the drum out of the dryer and see if it's getting any voltage when triggered. If it is and it isn't spinning then we need to make a decision.

Regardless we look kind of weird with clothes lines inside the house. ;-)

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