nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Speaking of Time Machines...

The Time Lord Polka
(Slightly inspired by the music of The Illuminati Polka byt Tom Smith)


He lives in a blue box
He gives out silver keys
The only thing he can't give
Are keys to Gallifrey

The box that he lives in
Is square on all sides
With small white windows
And a flashing light

The only real problem is it's dimensions aren't quite right!

Back and forth
To and fro
Never knowing where to go!
To and fro
Back and forth
Never finding temporal North!

He picks up companions
Not one of them stays
They often hang for months
Though some leave in days

They often get in trouble
Four have even died
With as clueless as they are
I marvel how they stay alive

The more he collects them the more he's surprised!

'Fore and back
To and fro
Off the beaten path he goes!
To and fro
Back and forth
Always seeking temporal North!

Twelve re-gen-er-ations
Of them we've seen only nine *
They keep coming faster
As actors change their minds

Maybe one will be a girl
That would be so fine!
A Timelord hooker
Traveling through time!

Doing Tardis pornos filmed by K9!


* Yes, I know there are 10 Doctors but I'm in the US and haven't *ahem* acquired the latest ones yet.


Edited 5/8/06 to correct number of companions dead. Thanks to castor-biber for the correction and a link!
Tags: filk
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