nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Hate Being Weak
(to the tune of "One Week" by BNL)

It's been a fortnight since I've been summoned
Stopped an attack against thy woman
Five nights since thee loosed me
I would grave escape you and be free
Three thieves in the latter day
My heart yearns for their lives to slay
But no way mine doctor will let me

Watch now my mighty hammer
It is to be enamored
It will make them run away in fear
Crushing vile villains with one blow
Until they fast go
Fleeing fleetly in blind terror

Proud doth my heart be when I stop crimes
My chest primed
For a hearty shout for all my fellows
They doth battle with me
To mighty victory
For hale companions I now bellow

I break the gate and take a break
From vanquishing many of evil station
Time to go for I doth know that the doctor
Doth need to see a patient

I may crush thine skull for thy being bad
But this fleeting freedom makes my spirit sad
I would be fine with thine if we doth be separate
But till this be ended I guess I doth live with it
Thou dost tap that cane with little thought
Many weakling enemies have I fought

Seven days since I last saw sky
Despite thine wishes I would rather fly
My days of this make my life drone
Midgard waits but I am not alone

It has been three days since becoming ghost
Having weak flesh I hate the most
I hear the doctor's cane and my heart doth be started
No more thoughts now the battle is started
Tags: filk
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