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This crap sucks...

To that I am referring to Microsoft software...

I have never in my life dealt with a more bloated product. The house of cards that it is built upon will collapse with a strong wind. I only hope that people replace it before the wind blows it down.

The idea behind a good construction of a software product, and indeed anything else, it very simple:

1) Make it as simple as possible without losing features.
2) Make is as stable as possible. Use the best quality components and materials you can get.
3) Build it as if you had to use it every day without fail for years to come.

Three simple things. I'm sure there are addendum's and corollaries to those rules but those three should never be compromised.

Shame on those who would produce a piece of crap for profit. I've never done it and neither should they. If I did that I would be horribly ashamed. It's one thing to "make do" because you can't get the right stuff - it's quite another thing to buy cheap in the first place.

The motive of profit is by far the worst one to grace the face of any production. It not once does anything other than gum up the works. I'm not saying that no one should try and make money - but it shouldn't be their primary objective. So many people in society - especially in the USA - are out of place from where they wanted to be. They were either forced by circumstances or pushed by others into doing something other than what they wanted to do with their lives. Money is often the root cause in those situations - either lacking enough to survive or wanting enough to do what you _really_ wanted to do in the first place. Unfortunately it's what our game revolves around in this country and in the world for the most part.

No one should be forced to choose between doing what they want to do, provided it hurts no one else that is, and surviving. It should never come up in a perfect society. That's the problem isn't it though - no society is perfect because human beings aren't perfect.

I don't have a good solution - neither does the guy down the street probably. It all depends really on convincing the other person/people involved that it's in their best interest to work for the common good. You can never force this as the human spirit is the spirit of the individualist at heart and thus can not be contained really. This is where communism fails - it assumes that all are the same despite obvious evidence to the contrary.
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