nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I am working with Yo-Yo connectivity at work...

September 27, 2005 12:28:30 PM

Not sure who I have to sacrifice but we need a better connection at work. This thing is up and down more than a ten dollar hooker. (I've always wanted to find a legitimate use for that phrase. ;-)

Anyway regardless of if they get it solved at work we're going to have to have some sort of redundant connection in there to deal with this when the T1 is down.

I'm thinking either a simple Firewall/VPN client system that routes everything through the VPN connection just as if we were on the corporate network. I might even be able to get fancy and put the firewall/VPN box with three network cards in it _in front_ of the existing router so that when it can't route through the T1 it automatically routes through the VPN. Not sure what I need to make that happen but I'm sure it's possible. Heck it's probably even a easily configurable failure mode in pf or ipf or something. Have to check it out.

The food thing is going sort-of ok. Not easy certainly. I've cut out the fast food for about four days now. I can't seem to cut down on the sugar more than past a certain point but that too shall be handled eventually. I've taken to eating a little more since I'm not eating the fast food. That's bad in the long run but good in the short term. It means that I'm filling my body with normal food instead of the seriously processed crap. Actual restaurant food or home lunches/meals are much better for me regardless. Still should be eating home made more than restaurant but I need to start somewhere and this is a good place to do it.

Need to finish stuff at home. Got to finish laundry, cleaning, organizing, and truck repairs. I hope that doing my rear brakes will get rid of the noise in my truck but I can't count on that. I will say that I _REFUSE_ to lose another vehicle! I'm tired of getting a vehicle I like, getting used to it, then having to get rid of it after a couple years or less. Not an option with the truck. I'm going to work on repairing every part of that truck so I can keep it another 5 years. It's easily possible and I intend to do so.

Hopefully a friend will come up with the RA-72 cables and I'll be able to actually run my MicroVAX II system out in the garage. That would be so cool. I've waited so long to be able to run it at all. After pulling it apart yesterday and checking everything it gave me a sense of accomplishment to see it power up. I still can't power up the RA82 drive but that will come with time. All I care about is that I power that drive up and use it _once_. Just to hear it run again. I can't explain how that sound relates to my memories and to my feelings. It's like a jet engine in a box and to me almost as thrilling.

I need to start doing more creative stuff. There are more than a few wood projects i need to get done. Then there's the boat during winter. The clay tribal ashtray I was working on originally. Many many many things in my head. Anime Music Videos are another thing. I have a metric ton of those ideas planned out but not implemented.

I also need to spend more time with my family. Unfortunately my wife is starting to frustrate me almost as much as my daughter. The house is a mess but she uses any excuse to leave it in my lap to get done. I'm not expecting June Cleaver but I do expect a partner that cleans up after herself as well as helping out.

Which brings me to our housemate. He's close to crossing over some boundaries that I have mentally marked in my head. It's going to be messy if he crosses those. And I think he's going to be surprised when I don't roll over for him when he does that. I'm not saying it's a foregone conclusion but at some point he will most likely cross the lines and I'll have to put him in his place. I only hope I'm strong enough to do so.

The boat is going to be cool! Hunter Green with reflective white tribals on the side! That's going to look cool at night when someone shines a light on it! ^_^
I also plan to use a router and chisels on the decking to mimic the tribals on the side of the boat. That and the weatherproof speakers that look like mushrooms are going to make it look really cool. This boat is just for me and me alone. Nobody else in my family wants to go on it - though I might bring my daughter out on the lake at night one weekend just to show her the stars properly. Not sure how that will work with her Autism but she almost certainly would enjoy it. Making my daughter happy and able to handle the world is very important to me.
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