nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Super Monkey Hyper Force Team Go Bonus Round continues...

August 29, 2006 8:35 PM

So let’s see...

Network problems. (T1 outages at work.)

Server problems. (Server rebooted by Automatic Updates and doesn’t reboot all the way.)

Phone problems. (ISDN PRI down at work.)

Relationship problems. (Arguments with wife about time/money/cleaning pick any two.)

Cigar problems. (I can’t keep a cigar lit to save my life.)

Family problems. (My mother is finally selling the house and my sister and her are taking now to get their cheap shots in as well as my sister DEMANDING that I remove everything I have stored in the small attic BEFORE the house is sold to her.)

Weather problems. (I can’t get out to ride. It always seems to be raining and gloomy lately.)

Money problems. (We actually had to empty the change at the bank and deposit it due to pre-spending.)

Truck problems. (I just blew a tire today and my truck died twice today for no reason.)

Motorcycle problems. (I still have an odd problem with the bike on hills and the carbs still need to be rebuilt.)

Work problems. (Oversized attachments preventing reception of e-mail, mouse in the copier - yes a live mouse, they painted all the ceiling wires in the plant so now I can’t trace network cable easily, etc.)

Boat problems. (Broke my transom boards first time out. Don’t currently have wood to fix them. Trying not to spend money. Also left lights on in the boat and ran down the batteries.)

Cleaning problems. (Still need a team of 6 for two days if I want to get this place cleaned and organized so I can take care of it easily. I’m still behind on the cleaning.)

Pet problems. (Nobody is cleaning up after the cat but me and the one fish I’m pretty sure has Neon Tetra Disease which means flushing the whole tank because they could all be infected and there is no cure.)

I don’t recall doing anything bad to cause my karma to flare like this. That either means one of three things:

1) I did something bad but don’t recall it.

2) I’m dipping into the bad karma range because good karma is coming my way.

3) I’ve grown enough to play at a higher level of this game we call life.

I don’t think it’s #1 but then I wouldn’t remember that if I was correct.

I don’t think it’s #2 because I don’t think I deserve any good karma because I haven’t worked for it and I don’t think there even exists such a thing as a “karma loan” at the universal bank.

So that leaves number 3.


If that;’s the case then I’m going to be getting a lot more of the same before things stabilize. That choice is the bittersweet one and if true it’s the hardest of the lot because it will test me much more than I have been tested before.

The odd thing about all these things is that I’ve managed to handle them all. So far all except one small computer problem at work, and that will be handled soon, I’ve managed to deal with each one to move forward. So far I’ve managed to deal with them at least.

I’m kind of happy about that but I’m not sure what it means...

Oh and just now I found out I can’t get to my inside servers from my wireless. Joy. *fixes it* Which turned out to be my wired en0 interface enabled on my Pismo. Disable that and it routes ok.

See what I mean?
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