nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Just realized something...

January 18, 2007 11:11 AM

And I feel pretty stupid about it.

All this time I’ve been focused on balance. Balance, balance, balance. Well it suddenly occurred to me that if you focus completely on balance you will never get anywhere. What you need to focus on is the right amount of imbalance to achieve progress.

I once compared it to living between two mountains. The peaks are both positive and negative and the valley is various shades of in-between. Well amend that to make it a valley and peaks made from a giant treadmill - the surface moves from positive to negative so what you have to do is keep moving just to stay where you’re at and have to move faster to progress in the positive direction.

What that means to me is that unless I keep working hard at it I will never be in a better position than I am now and if I do nothing then I will slowly be pulled into the negative side.

All this suddenly makes a lot of sense to me. If you do nothing you will be moved to the negative side but keep rolling over and over at the base of the negative peak unless you climb it. Those that choose to climb it can reach it easily but have to fight to stay on top or be rolled off the edge into oblivion. Those on the positive peak have to walk eternally away from those below to maintain their position at the top.

So to progress I have to walk towards the positive peak, taking as many with me as possible so we can each carry the others as we rest so they don’t fall backwards.

And that’s the solution isn’t it. If you go it alone you have to run. If you bring others with you then you can all walk and rest at times along the way.

I guess then the problem becomes threefold:

1) Finding the positive direction.
2) Showing it to other people so they can go that way too if they choose.
3) Showing people that if enough of them go that way at once they can all help each other get where they want to go.

This sounds like a good plan...
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