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Hmm...hope I don't screw this one up...

January 31, 2007 11:05 AM

I’ve been talking to a guy online who gets me filk that is able to be freely shared. One of the albums he passed on to me was called Snow Magic. The title track of that was done by a woman named Cynthia McQuillin and her version of the song is much different and in my opinion better than the other ones I’ve heard.

Now here’s the odd part. I can sing her version. I know that if I can get a music only or midi track I can sing the damn thing very well with some practice. (Due to my dyslexia it’s hard for me to practice a song by singing along with it. Parsing the words while hearing the song causes my mind to try and find “substitute” words. That makes it hard to stick to the original song. Of course I think this is also why coming up with parody lyrics is easy for me.) The problem with that is twofold:

1) The lady in question is dead so I really can’t ask permission directly and I’m not sure who to ask second-hand so to speak.
2) If I ask permission and I absolutely SUCK then I’ve ruined a good song for everybody who hears me.

I think maybe though that this is one of those times where I have to stop thinking about it and just do it. If I take too long to analyze it I’ll talk myself out of it. And that I don’t want to do. I’ve waited so long to get into a position where I can devote time to those skills I’ve neglected over the years - like music - that I really don’t want to wait any longer.

Some part of me counts that as selfish but another part of me can’t live without devoting time to those things. It’s almost like now that I have acknowledged those abilities I can no longer put them back away. The djinn is out of the bottle and I don’t even want to trap him again. ^_^

So my plan is to set up to record in some sort of professional matter. That way I can’t blame the tools if I sound bad and it will force me to work on improving my abilities. Then I’ll record an acapella version of the song and see how it sounds. If it sounds bad then I’ll try and cook up a midi track to go with it and re-record. I’m not going to release this until it sounds good to my ears. And I’m pretty picky about that. I only hope that I can do the song justice.

Just made an appointment with my dentist. My upper-right molar is starting to give me some pain. It’s either a cavity up there or the impacted wisdom tooth has shifted direction and started to push against it. It’s not bad yet and I’m not going to wait until it gets bad this time. The last time required extracting the tooth but that was only because it has such a big filling in it that it was almost gone anyway. Hopefully the doc’s answer won’t be “Remove all your wisdom teeth.” because that will likely cost big bucks that I don’t want to have to pay right now. :-(

Regardless I’ve got a lot to do. The whole script for the webcomic thing is still rolling - even though I haven’t found anybody to draw it yet. (Yet another neglected skill I’d like to improve upon. I can draw things well enough but not people. I wonder what the difference is there...hmm...) Then there’s the electronic auto-cancel turn signal for my bike that I’m designing. That’s in process and once I get the right parts I should have a prototype done before the end of February. Then there’s the stuff around the house. I love my wife but she needs to work a little harder around the house. I’m doing a lot around there in the general cleaning capacity when I should be doing maintenance. The housemate in the “pit” downstairs doesn’t help. Then there’s all the work I need to do on my truck. And the outside yard maintenance. And the upgrades at work. The flying model of Serenity I’ve designed... And a million other things I should be doing. And you know what? I’m going to get them all done. I can do that. I’m big enough as a person to do that now.

So many dreams and so little time to do them all. I wish and hope and pray that I will be lucky or fortunate enough to complete them all in my lifetime. In two years I turn 40. I swear by the Goddess that I will have completed at least three of my major dreams by then.

Heady stuff. I need to start doing more...
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