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February 5, 2007 11:04 AM

He must be running things full blast too dammit! It was something like -2 F this morning. I had trouble starting the truck and it didn’t warm up until I was at least halfway to work! Bah!

I had the chills last night but when I got to work this morning I was really feeling like crap. The best I can figure is that since my blood sugar was high this morning (thanks to my birthday yesterday) that my body was using all the energy it could to break down and absorb all that sugar. Finally before lunch my glucose was 107 which was acceptable to me. Some chicken soup at the restaurant along with the usual stir-fry pita should help stabilize things quite nicely.

No doubt about it though - the days where I can just chow all day and sleep it off are long gone. I might even have to go fairly vegetarian. I’m now willing to completely give up meat but most likely I’ll have to keep it out of my diet as a major staple. That sucks too because I love meat.

A friend of mine in Canada (Winnipeg to be exact) said that it was -37 C there yesterday. *shudder*

I will at this time reiterate that I wish to retire somewhere warm. I would even settle for desert at this point. Not that my wife would like that. ;-)

I watched Extreme Homes Down Under last night and saw an example of one of the underground homes made from old mines. It was carved entirely out of the rock about 20 feet under the earth. I’d like a home like that. As long as it was in a geologically stable area and carved out of bedrock not limestone or something there would be no concern for cave-ins. I also saw an earth-sheltered home that looked very futuristic - it had hexagon windows and a wonderful interior that was actually semi-tropical in nature. *sigh* I wish I had the money to show my wife an Earthship. They are wonderful things and I think they are just as beautiful and practical as the country farmhouse that she wants. The only benefit I get out of a country farmhouse is a barn if one is available. That much at least I will insist upon if we buy one.

Which looks more plausible for this year even though her income is going to be cut. By my count, as long as we don’t take any out, we’ll be putting approximately $700 per month into the credit union account. That means $8400 every 12 months. Not fast but if we can stick it out where we’re at another year then we should have something significant to put down on a house. Unfortunately we need to rebuild our credit. That means getting a credit card again even though I don’t want one. AND it means following a particular pattern of buy something, let it carry a balance for a month, then pay it off completely. That’s easier said than done with us. I think we can manage it now though.

Still working on the turn-signal auto-cancel system. I can get it to show me that it sees the inputs and I can get it to flash but I’ve still got logic issues with the programming. It’s like it sees the inputs but refuses to activate the subroutine. I’ll figure it out but it’s going to take me a little time. I bet though that I can work it out before the end of this month. Depends on time spent I guess.

For some reason my molar is not hurting right now. That is annoying because it hurt enough last week for me to make an appointment to go to the dentist. If they find nothing wrong then it’s wasted money. Likely though if it doesn’t hurt this week it is probably related to the impacted wisdom tooth back there pressing against the molar in question. That too will suck because it means that I’ll likely have to get my wisdom teeth pulled this year. That will not be cheap and I don’t know how much my insurance will cover. (Just for the record my health insurance sucks. My wife’s is not too bad and in fact has paid quite a bit on my bills. Mine won’t pay crap without me chasing them.)

Only have a few medical bills left to pay off. Unfortunately they are the large ones . (>$100 each) I should be able to get rid of one of those a month at the very least. More depending on incoming other bills and spending habits.

Got to get those things listed on E-Bay. I’m way behind on getting them listed there but I really wanted to run some of them by my friend in Florida to give him first crack at them. He mentioned being interested in the tube amps when I told him about them while I was down there helping him move. Regardless I have to get rid of them. So if he doesn’t want to pay me money for them I won’t be able to give them to him unless I can’t sell them. That sounds a little mercenary but I really need to bolster my toy fund before I don’t have the money to do so.

And if I can get things straightened out at the house so we can all live there without killing each other, unlikely, then I’ll have time to work on making things and selling them on E-Bay or off my own website. I really think that’s the best way for me to go. I can sell all sorts of little stuff to give myself toy money and it won’t come out of the main account.

We’ll just have to work towards that and make it happen won’t we? ^_^
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