nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


February 6, 2007 11:23 AM

Just took a spill outside the restaurant I eat at. I’m not going to name the restaurant and I’m not going to sue - unlike most Americans. I recognize that there’s such a thing as an “accident”. I will likely need a new pair of pants though - the shin on the one side took a beating. Thankfully I only got surface snow on my laptop.

In other news - it sucks out. It’s now snowing again. I’m really starting to dislike it. I suppose if I were better set up to handle it - both in body and in equipment - I wouldn’t be so annoyed. I’m just tired of it. I want to move somewhere warm in my later years.

Saw an Ohio bicentennial license plate today and I thought “I wonder if I can stay alive until the tricentennial?” Not too far fetched. People are living longer every day and it’s possible I could come close. “If these shadows remain unchanged” though I will likely die in the next 30 years. I think I’m going to try and prevent that one. Depends on the situation. If I can die helping someone then that would be ok.

The music shop online backordered the USB audio interface I bought from them. They sent everything else but backordered the one thing I need to connect it to the computer. :-(

Not a big deal as I need to clean things up before installing all that stuff anyway. I need to put the B&W under the one part of the table and hook it to the KVM. The power button likely won’t work on the keyboard since it’s a PS/2 kvm and I’m using a USB keyboard and adapter but such is life. Anyway down there is the only way I can silence some of the noise from it. The box itself isn’t noisy but the SCSI hard drive I have in it has a whine to beat the band. And in this case it might just literally do that if I can’t find some way to isolate and filter out that noise.

Got to get started on removing some of the paper in the office. I will likely keep quite a bit of it but if I put it into carefully organized pdf files I can box the other stuff up and store it out of the way until I need it. That will give me more space for books and equipment. I managed to get the one set of scans into pdf form but they’re HUGE! I suppose that unless I can find some freeware solution I’ll end up buying pdfcompress or something similar. I wonder if it would help if I batch-converted the images to a smaller resolution before adding them to the tiff file. The thing that sucks is that I’m betting once they get added to a multi-page tiff file the whole thing will still come out huge. And I have an awful lot to scan...

Need to order a new toner cartridge for the LJ4ML printer that’s hooked up to the iMac. If it weren’t coming up on tax time I wouldn’t care but I need to be able to print flawless forms. And that means I need to buy Turbo Tax again so we can just pick up where we left off from last year’s data. Next year is going to be interesting. We’re going to likely have to claim 1099 income from my wife’s childcare but since we opened up a second account it won’t be too hard to save the necessary 30% - 50% for upcoming taxes. And that also means that other people can claim it as childcare money on their income taxes. But I will likely talk to someone in the tax business to make sure I’m headed in the right direction..

*phew!* That’s going to suck not having toy money for a while. I really really hope that I can get set up with something independent here soon. That’s why I’m spending money on certain things despite it putting a dent in the money being saved in the credit union account. I need to set up for being able to continue to do things even with our income severely reduced.

I think I will seriously talk with my pseudo-aunt about getting access to the same type of black locust trees that are on my grandmother’s land. (It’s no longer her land because it was sold after she died but I can’t help but think of it in those terms.) That should give me a stable source of wood for projects like staffs and such. I’d like to make a black locust bow or two. The wood is almost made for that. And making a horse-bow out of black locust would be a good way for me to feel more in touch with my Romanian heritage. Not that I know much about that side of the family but I do know that my great-grandmother on that side was Romanian and that we did have some gypsy blood. That’s cool but I could really stand to know more...
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