nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

And the road goes ever on...

February 7, 2007 11:24 AM

Mixed bag today. Got to work later than I wanted to, still having problems with the new tape backup unit, and my glucose was too high this morning when I got up.

I did manage to get it back down to 89 as we speak so lunch should be fine. And I’m on the track to getting the tape backup working right but that will likely require another call to India. *rolls eyes*

On other fronts I’ve been looking at kit cars on again... I really want something like a Bradley GT II or a Kelmark or Sterling. Something small and VW Bug based that I can drive during the slightly rainy days and the non-snowy days where I can’t ride my bike and I don’t need my truck. I also would like to eventually do a hybrid conversion on it as well. *sigh* One more thing I want to get purchased before my wife quits her day job. :-(

If I’m acting like that will be the end of the world it’s understandable. Our income is going to drop to basically my paychecks plus $500 every month. That’s going to be rough on us. Thus the reason why I’m paying off medical bills like mad and buying my toys and development/crafting stuff now. That’s a lot of money though so I may once again have to put many of those things off for an extended length of time. Especially if we have to move. Or decide to move. Which due to many circumstances might happen.

With some exceptions I need to hold back on some of these entries if I want to post them to my own wiki or as public entries in my livejournal. There are many things I want to say but honestly I don’t want certain people I know, family, friends, etc. to read them. Because I know some of them read my wiki and my livejournal.

Holding back in an unfortunate thing for me as it reduces the amount of mental release I get by putting this stuff down “on paper” so to speak. That’s why some of the entries of my livejournal are set to be viewed only by “friends” or are “private” even though they pertain to some of the most important events in my life. I’d love to be completely honest with everyone around me but people don’t seem to want that. They want the sugar coating, they almost crave it in fact, and they only want the slightest taste of the bitter truth beneath. *sigh*


Got to get the exercise thing going again. I’ve started to try and regulate the sleep with melatonin but I need to start taking the niacin again as well as exercise. The last one is tough for me during winter. I’ve got a treadmill so I think I’ll just start using that again. I’ll be able to get better organized next week so getting on the treadmill probably won’t be too hard.

Next week my wife and I go back to our usual schedules again. I’ll be dropping my daughter off in the morning and my wife will be picking her up again. That will once again leave me time to clean things and do other things when I get home before everyone else. I haven’t been able to do that while our schedules have been reversed. I managed to get some things cleaned up last night but right now I’m pretty much behind a week in everything I need to do around that house. And it shows unfortunately.

I got rid of one of the bags of dead paint cans in my truck last night. The weather and time had dried them out so I was able to put them in the trash without issue. I left them in the bag and put them in the can regardless. I hope Waste Manglement doesn’t charge me extra for them. They didn’t have anything to recycle in them so the law says that they can go out with the regular garbage. Hopefully I can get rid of the second bag in the next couple of weeks or so. Then I can just call them and tell them I have a bucket of drywall mud to get rid of and to charge me appropriately.

Almost time for me to head back to work but I really don’t want to. I’d love to retire to somewhere warm but that’s not likely to happen any time soon.

Have to re-do the 5S write-up for one area at work. I hate that crap. And on top of it the area in question can’t be easily organized due to the variance in size and shape of the items going through it. Blech. A nasty job I shouldn’t have to do. :-(
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