nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Almost bit by karma today...

February 9, 2007 11:20 AM

And it will likely bite me anyway but not as hard.

I was bidding on an item on E-Bay and I accidentally bid for a quantity of 4 instead of one after being pissed off about being outbid. That would have cost me obviously 4x as much. So after I noticed I’d bid wrong but before I could retract the bid someone else outbid me.

Now I normally don’t care about being outbid but what this did was leave me unable to bid on only one of the items because the price was now beyond my maximum that I wanted to pay for. So I retracted my bid explaining that I’d entered the wrong amount and then sent a separate message to the seller explaining why I wasn’t placing a new bid.

I hope the seller isn’t upset that I did that. I try and keep on an even keel with the people I have any dealing with - business related or not.

Weird things happening with the technology around me. I could not remember what the management password for the wireless router at work was. That being the case I’m now going to have to reset the thing to defaults and re-configure it. I figure if I’m going to do that then I’ll mount it upside-down on the ceiling. Getting a network wire up there is not too hard but getting a power plug up there is a pain. I might be able to get a simple barrel style extension cord constructed and put the “brick” down by my desk and run the wires down the pole. In fact that sounds like an excellent plan.

Still having heat problems with my truck. Checked around yesterday and nobody seems to have the parts in stock. And our housemate the ex-mechanic says that it might be something more serious. *sigh* I hate it but unfortunately he’s usually right where things automotive related are concerned. (He’s not always right where computer stuff is concerned but he’s more stubborn than I am and you sometimes can’t tell him a damn thing.)

Anyway I’m going to check the wiring this weekend and see if I can’t pick up at least the blower resistor and relay from the dealership today. I should probably find out where the dashboard ground wires are and check those. Power and ground are the only two likely common things between all the dash circuits and ground is the far more likely candidate for this issue. I’m betting that a circuit is breaking somewhere and the power is feeding back into the rest of the circuit causing the brake indicator to light up. I’ve had that particular problem happen once before so it’s not unknown to me. The other possibility is a short but I think that if I were shorting that badly between those circuits I’d have already blown the fuse or started a fire. (And I do not need to start another vehicle on fire! Once in my life is enough for that particular incident!)

Also having “feet” problems with my Pismo. Found some small rubber replacement feet but they are just a hair too large to stay put. I’ve ordered real Apple replacement feet off of E-Bay but those will likely take time to get here.

When they do though I will likely clean all the adhesive off of them and then super-glue them onto the case. That way I’m not depending on the strength of the original adhesive to keep them on there this time. Until then I managed to shave some of the rubber feet down to close to the right size so that they at least fit inside the divots and have a chance of staying put. They don’t “slide” well on surfaces though so they will definitely have to go.

Thought a lot about several things in my life and have come to the conclusion once again that I am far far far behind where I want to be in many of the things I do. I need to catch back up on all fronts or forever toss some things off my plate never to return. I find that even if I decide to “archive” something for long-term it still occupies my attention. The problem is that once I decide to do something it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. It’s hard for me to let go of anything it seems....
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