nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

The Stuff they call SPAM!

The Hatred of Spammers (To: The Hero of Canton - Joss Whedon)

SPAM, the stuff they call SPAM

Chorus: It robs us of bandwidth and makes us all poor
It slows down our traffic as it heads out the door
We hate it so much, always trashcanned
The stealer of bandwidth, the stuff they call SPAM

Now the admins can see their backbones breakin'
They hear their servers lament
They see the spammers are makin'
Money for every one sent

They said "We don't want the burden.
We'll block all that we can."
Going without much rest
They did their very best
To block each and every SPAM.


Now here is what separates spammage,
From legitimate messages that are sent.
The address is fake and it takes the cake
That the subject's really bent.

It comes in as greetings.
It comes in as "Hi!"
it comes in without warning
Filling your box to the sky!


Tags: filk
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