nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Momma's Boy

Momma's Boy
To the tune of "Grendel" by Kathy Mar and Leslie Fish

Dumb as dirt and twice as mean, such as I made mother crazy
Worst of children I have been, nasty, smelly, mean and lazy
I'm the child she had to raise, what's my mom to do?
Dragged me to a rocky hole and shoved me in there too.

Chorus: Son of mine you've been a disappointment since your birth
I heard those very words till I slept in the earth
Momma I would be sorry but I'm so very dead
I never listened to a word you said

Mother laid us down to rest, but I just laid there faking
I crept out the cave to a meeting of my making
Came back with a stomach full of flesh, ripped off of the bone
Time and time I went back out to murder on my own


Helmets gathered in a hall, the smell to my taste delightful
When I broken down the door the battle there was frightful
One of them hacked away my arm, it laid there by the door
Hunted me to the cave where I bled there on the floor



Mother's wine was spiked so she was still deeply sleeping
I was her delight but sadly not worth keeping
I bet she'll avenge me now, what else could she do?
Mothers don't let your sons, get the best of you.

Tags: filk
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