nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

I want to retire someplace warm...

February 13, 2007 11:19 AM

I told my wife this morning as I ran out to start the truck today and told my wife “As The Goddess is my witness I will retire someplace tropical!” To which my wife looked at me like I’d grown another head because my wife steadfastly refuses to move anywhere out of the fracking Midwest! Grrr!!!

Still haven’t fixed my truck yet. I’m home from work tomorrow so I can go in on Sunday so I’ll work on it tomorrow after everybody leaves the house. I’m pretty sure it’s a dash ground because that’s the only thing common between the blower motor, the brake indicator light, and the reverse lights. But I’m also going to look at the schematics just to make sure there’s nothing I’ve overlooked.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a gift for my wife. I’ll figure something out. In fact since I’m staying home tomorrow, provided I can fix my truck, I will likely clean like mad, do laundry, make dinner, and pick up our daughter. (I’m not picking up our daughter early though. Not a chance.) I suppose I’ll also go out and get a card or something as well as flowers. Just to cover all the bases and make my wife look bad. ;-)

Got the one tooth spackled yesterday and it left a bunch of junk on the inside of my cheek that is taking time to wear away. Blech. It feels like the inside of my cheek is covered in leather. Doesn’t hurt or anything but it’s just annoying.

Forgot to pick up the one server I wanted to buy after I got done at the dentist. Fortunately the guy is a good natured kind and won’t be too pissed if I pick it up today on the way home which is what I’m planning. I sent him an e-mail explaining what happened so he should have some idea.

Bought the router I need for the house but I was sniped at the last minute for the ADSL card that goes in it so I’m going to have to find another one. These cards tend to go for $200 - $350 or more a piece. Unfortunately if I want to hook that router to a DSL line it’s one of the only solutions. I might be able to hook a bridge to it and then have a second ethernet port in the router but that’s not quite the right way to do it. I suspect I’ll find a deal on one of the cards eventually. I may buy a T1 card and another ethernet card as well anyway just to keep my options open. I might move close enough to a CO one day to have a T1 installed in which case having that card available already will be a big advantage.

Missed the last episode of The Dresden Files on Sunday. Hopefully they’ll show it again before this coming Sunday so I can catch up. I’m not too happy about how they’re portraying Harry. The actor they’ve chosen is far too pretty for the role and not nearly tall enough. Harry in the books reminds me extremely strongly of a friend of mine who is not only tall but just rugged enough to fit the bill entirely. That and his personality is very similar to Harry’s core makeup though I doubt he knows that.

Got the replacement Pismo feet yesterday and glued them on this morning. They seem to be holding up quite well now that they’ve been glued to the bottom of the Pismo rather than depending on the adhesive that they come with. I’m going to wear them in and see if they hold up. Thankfully I bought a second set of them at the same time just in case I lose them. If they still don’t stay on I have a cunning and devious plan. I still have some of the liquid filling epoxy at home (commonly called “potting” in the industrial world) and I’ll use that to fill in the divots on the bottom of the Pismo until they create solidly bonded “buttons” on the bottom of the laptop. That should permanently solve the problem of feet anyway. I will say this - since I re-did the heat sink and replaced the feet the Pismo has not locked up any time recently. Except for the one time i left it sitting on top of a blanket which is understandable as blankets are designed to retain heat.

I hope it’s not expensive to fix the heat in my truck. From all observations it is just likely a grounding issue and I shouldn’t have to replace any parts in particular. *knocks on wood* I will have to fix it regardless due to living in the fracking Midwest! :-(

Looking at my replacement for my old Wacom Graphire and I can’t seem to find a good 6x8 that doesn’t cost a fortune. There’s one by a company named Hanvon through Fry’s but I’m not sure how that brand stands up next to a Wacom but a Wacom of the same size is $350 minimum. (!) I suppose I’l try it because it’s comparatively not too bad - $89 - but I still think I will eventually need to buy a Wacom. My dream would be a Wacom Cintiq LCD where you can write directly on the screen. But those are BIG$ so the chance of me getting one of those any time soon are probably slim to none.

But then I also need to learn to draw people before that type of tool will mean anything to me. I can still draw objects just fine but drawing people - specially faces - elude me for the moment. For the moment...
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