nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Sometimes things work out...

February 16, 2007 11:06 AM

So I did a belated birthday dinner with the in-laws last night and they gave me a $25 check for my birthday. Between that and the money I got from other venues I was able to buy a Kensington wireless keyboard and mouse for Mac off of E-Bay as well as a Hanvon 6x5 graphics tablet and all I’ll be spending out of the bank account will be about $15. That’s very cool because it handles two of my needs and didn’t eat up a lot of our normal money. (And the tablet comes with Photoshop Elements on top of it all so that’s cool too.)

Though I did indulge in something else. I bought a book of custom stamps from another CafePress store I created last night:

The stamps, and the bumper sticker I also bought, say:

“See with eyes unclouded,
Think with mind uncluttered,
Act with heart unchained!”

Which I think is a good way to approach life. ^_^

Legitimately having pie today. My glucose was 80 before I left for lunch. With all the stuff I ate last night that’s damn good. I missed taking it this morning so I suspect it was really bad. :-/

Actually this will be a good test to see exactly what I end up with after having my normal lunch+pie. The number should be fairly low but I want to see it regardless.

I need hard data about what my body is doing. I can’t and won’t stop listening to it and my “gut feel” but I would like to back some of that up with numbers.

I appreciate the advice of friends but I may go against their advice in this one case. I need data about my cholesterol and it’s either pay a doctor some expensive fee for that or buy the machine for a single expensive fee and then do the tests myself for much cheaper.

Yet another thing to spend money on. :-(

Let’s see:

Cholesterol machine: $150
LCD monitor: $150 minimum.
Professional mic: $60 minimum.
Replacement truck parts: $2000 approximately.
Replacement iMac parts: $150 minimum.
Software: $200 approximately.
Replacement Powerbook when this one fails: $300 minimum if I want an exact replacement.

That’s a lot of money just for different things. And I’m sure I’m missing quite a few things too. I need to create a source of income for my “Toy” fund. I think the podcast and blog would fill that bill nicely if I can keep generating traffic on it but it’s certainly not a stable source. I think if I can come up with the right auto-cancel flasher replacement and build those that would be ideal.

In other news I asked my “filk pimp” last night if he would be willing to hear some songs recorded by me before I put them up somewhere to see if they suck or not. He’s agreed as long as he can play them for another filk dealer. I have no problem with that. I just hope that I don’t completely suck. :-/

Still stalled on the comic script. I think I’m at the point where I need to see the comics to see where it’s going so maybe we’ll see what I can manage to come up with once the tablet comes in. The hard part will not only be my usual problem with drawing people but getting used to the pressure sensitivity of the tablet. Yet another tool to learn. :-)

There’s so much I want to learn! Every day I keep running into things that I want to know about and skills I want to add to my life. I’m growing in mind and spirit every day. It’s amazing! I wish I could push/lead my daughter into this type of growth. She could really benefit from it and I would love to see what she’s capable of!

I think I might be able to convince my wife to move to Santa Fe. We’re not ready to move yet but maybe I can start us thinking and shifting in that direction. She says that New Mexico is not one of the states that is worse for Special Education than Illinois but she still wants to check out the services available in Santa Fe. I think moving out there would be fantastic! They still get snow but not nearly as much as we do here and the overall temp there is warmer throughout the year. Regardless it would be nice to live someplace that doesn’t get bitter cold in the winter! (Like it is today. *shiver*)

The fact that I can get my wife to think about moving is a miracle in and of itself. She is truly a stick-in-the-mud when it comes to leaving the state or being away from her family. I think much of that will change when her parents move away. They aren’t moving far but they are going to be just far enough away that she won’t be seeing them every day. I think that will be a first for her. Hopefully she won’t go bonkers and drive out to see them all the time. With our soon-to-be-reduced income that will eat up a lot of money. :-(
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