nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,


February 28, 2007 8:59 PM

Just got home from having dinner at a restaurant to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Silly me I offered to pay as I’m the most affluent of my family at the moment - at least cash-wise. It cost $170.00 total. I used to remember having cash... ;-)

Anyway it was money well spent. Everybody had a good time and we ate and drank well. Reminisced. It was good. Would have preferred to linger longer but my daughter was a little cranky.

Sitting here watching Avatar. I’ve always loved kids cartoons but this one is particularly well written. It’s run for three seasons now and the story has gotten pretty deep and involved. I like the depth they’ve given the characters and there is a lot of creative twists and turns in the story. Like I said it’s got good writing.

Finally figured out how to use my cell-phone to connect my Pismo to the internet. It’s damn slow - 19.2k to be exact - but it works. Now in a pinch as long as i have cell-phone signal I have internet access. That’s important to me. It means that I can handle some of the remote issues even if I’m not near broadband.

Had problems with the B&W Mac. Turns out the G4 upgrade processor went bad so I had to put the original processor back in. It won’t play video files now unfortunately. I figure I’ll either just buy a Mac Mini or a Macbook soon and use the B&W just for the audio stuff.

And on that note I have to take my G5 iMac into the Apple store. Which means I need to take out the aftermarket ram so they have nothing to complain about there. Unfortunately that means I also have to back the thing up and make sure all my personal data is removed just in case. It’s a pain in the ass but if I have any hope of getting my iMac fixed it’s what I’ll have to do. I think I’ll pick up a big external drive in a couple of weeks. The prices are dropping on those things so I can already get a drive bigger than the internal drive for quite a nice price. Then afterwards I’ll have a large drive for dumping video and audio onto that can travel between all the Macs I have.
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