nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

De-Bricking da brick...

March 1, 2007 11:28 AM

So the other day I tried to do a dd-wrt firmware upgrade to a Motorola WE800G to turn it from a dedicated ethernet bridge into a full mini wireless router. And I screwed it up. It’s not completely “bricked” but it isn’t doing anything but responding to pings right now. (In case you didn’t know the term “brick” has recently been used as a verb to describe taking a piece of machinery and removing all functionality from it. This is usually by accident.)

So today my goal is to get it back to a point of functionality. Since it’s still responding to pings I shouldn’t have to cobble together a JTAG cable or anything but at this point it’s still a big unknown as to how bad I borked it. I’m not too worried as it’s a $29 box and we have spares at work.

There’s a guy selling the full router version of these on E-Bay for the same price. I might buy at least one of them so I have a backup in case my current router dies. (And since it’s a V5 Linsys WRT54G I really don’t want to try and re-flash it as those things “brick” easily.)

I suppose I should be practicing with my graphics tablet today but I’m still a little tired from last night. And I need to set up a good place to work on that stuff at home. I think another thing that I’m going to spend money on soon is a good 17“ or better LCD monitor. They’re coming down in price and it will be much better for my eyes if I use one of those for things like the music/video editing and graphics work.

I’ve been connected via the cell-phone now for about 20 minutes. I’m going to have to make sure that my data plan covers this because overages are somewhere in the $2/minute range which as my ancient dial-up experience tells me add up quickly.

I’ve recently become interested in all things ”steampunk“ related. (Don’t know the term then look it up.) It’s fascinating stuff. I’ve even got a motorcycle that I want to do in that style. The cool thing about that is I already was planning on that style before I knew what it was. ;-)
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