nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

That's living in the Midwest for you...

March 2, 2007 11:54 AM

Almost hit two people this morning coming to work. One was me misjudging my stopping distance because it was all “black ice” and the other was some yutz turning in front of me.

Basically what happened was yesterday it rained all day then some time in the wee hours of this morning it all froze. This created blowing snow and a very thin shiny coating of ice on the blacktop. Hence the term “black ice”. Needless to say it was interesting getting to work this morning. :-/

Getting more comfortable with my artistic side of things. Since I managed to fix the B&W and it works with the version of GarageBand loaded on it I’ll probably try and record something music-wise on Wednesday of next week when I’m home. That and I think I’ll submit some lyrics for the one convention CD. They don’t say that it has to be established filk artists so I think maybe I’ll submit the one “Staple & Punch” song as well as finally write the one song I’ve had in mind for the “Fish” tune “Bitch” off of Finity’s End. (My title will be “Registration Lines”.)

Getting more comfortable with the graphics tablet as well. I wonder if the older Graphire I have is any more sensitive than the Hanvon I’ve just gotten. If it is then that’s a particularly good reason to try extra hard to find all the parts. Anyway I find that I just have to “forget” that I’m using a tablet and “just do” so to speak. Once I do that it seems the tablet becomes an extension of my hand and everything just works out.

I think I’ll start doing basic drawing exercises from a book or online tutorial using the tablet. That should give me some idea of what I can and can’t do yet. And I desperately need to learn to draw people if I want to do my own webcomic. I suppose I could do something like Rob Balder does and use stock clips but I honestly don’t see what I want in that.

Still way behind in all things currently... :-(
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