nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

My leg hurts for some reason...

March 6, 2007 11:13 AM

Lately I’ve been having some pain in my left heel after sitting for a while. It’s worse the longer I sit and is almost like I broke my heel or something. Not likely but I suppose it could happen. My father says it might be a bone spur which is caused by calcium deficiencies. I think I’m going to have him start buying vitamins for me so I can get some of the stuff with my body taken care of. My father is in great health for his age and is currently doing a service job for a living currently so I think he’s got a good bead on the health thing. The big thing for me is to lose the weight but if he can help with the foot that will make it that much easier.

My foot and leg hurt last night but I think that was because I made a mental link with my friend in the hospital. He’s doing fine but it was hard to watch him there. His nerves in his broken leg are still ringing from the accident and causing the leg to twitch. That causes him obviously to completely flinch about every 30 seconds to a minute or so. That’s painful to watch - and I don’t handle hospitals well anyway.

(insert long pause here)

Suddenly turned introspective there for a few moments. I was thinking about life and death and what we carry through each. If all we have is our spirits then it’s more important than ever to carry the right things during life so they can be carried through death to another life. Put this in the context of karma and this makes a whole lot of sense.

The problem is that I’m so tired of carrying some of these things. Honor, duty, truth, love, commitment, all those things. They’re so damn heavy sometimes...

Unfortunately to put them down means someone else suffers. Period. You can rationalize it till the cows come home but when you fail to uphold a good set of positive ethics and ideas someone else gets hurt. Sometimes that’s you but most of the time it’s someone else. And often as not it’s someone close to you. Someone you’re responsible for.

That’s another thing that I don’t understand. There are an awful lot of people who are responsible for an awful lot of other people yet a good portion of those people either don’t seem to know or care about those that they are responsible for. I wonder why that is. Personally I can’t imagine it. I mean I went through the effort of making a mental/spiritual/magickal link between my leg and the leg of my friend in the hospital hopefully to help speed the healing. I’m not going to lay claim to his leg, nor take bragging rights about helping him heal. But I couldn’t just do nothing. I mean if it’s within your ability to help why not do so? What’s to gain by not helping?

If you don’t help and something happens then it might have been your fault for not helping when you could have. If you help and don’t gain anything out of it then what have you lost? If you help and fail then at least you tried to help and that counts for something. And if you give of yourself or your things to help someone else? Don’t you think that there might be someone to give to you when you need it?

The only exception to this in my book that might cause a person to pause is when giving help to one will hurt another. And in those situations you have to make a judgment call. Are you willing to rob Peter to pay Paul? I personally believe that there’s always another solution if you just look for one. But that may be naive of me...
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