nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Things to do...things to do...

March 8, 2007 11:23 AM

I went through an briefly made a list of things to be done around the yard as soon as it gets warm enough.

Not in any particular order:

1) Remove all remaining leaves from the flowerbeds.
2) Burn leaves and things in the burn pile.
3) Turn over soil in flowerbeds by deck and garage.
4) Plant Amy's flowers in flowerbed by deck.
5) Plant my grandmother's raspberry bush in flowerbed by garage.
6) Finish removing crabapple tree stump.
7) Pressure wash house, garage, and deck.
8) Seal deck.
9) Replace back door screen.
10) Replace extension cord that is grounding out.
11) Replace pond pump if dead.
12) Muck out pond.
13) Replace wood on garage.
14) Replace garage door.
15) Have box-elder trees removed.
16) Put mulch in northern flowerbeds by fence.
17) Replace soffet covers that are damaged.
18) Clean out the gutters.
19) Replace door lintel on garage door.
20) Get driveway patched and sealed.

Whew! That’s a big list. Fortunately I think I should be able to get most of it done without help. If somebody wants to help that’s fine but I’m planning on doing most of it myself. I’m quite capable of getting it all done. And some of it can be done hopefully this coming weekend/week when it’s supposed to be up to 60 degrees outside. Anything I can get a head start on is a good thing. :-)

Need to talk to my dad about vitamins - calcium/magnesium stuff in particular. I need to start taking more of that stuff each day to help out my joints but also to help get rid of a potential bone spur on the bottom of my left heel. It’s starting to cause me some issues. I’m honestly not even sure it’s a bone spur. I could have just banged up the bone on the bottom of my heel breaking up the ice one day. I’m not even really sure of when it became sore at this point. Regardless i have to take care of it.

This winter has really caused me some personal health issues. I’ve been unable to take my normal walks outside and have been eating more. I’ve gained some of my weight back. That means I’m going to have to work extra hard to get rid of it over the summer. And work extra hard I will too! I can’t let myself backslide a lot. :-(

I’d love to get my other turn signals installed today but I have to do laundry when I get home. Then I also need to put some laundry away when I get home. I think I will take our housemate’s advice and install another long shelf above the doorways in my office at home. That will give me space for the rest of the DVDs I’ve been accumulating. I may even install another long one above the existing long one I have now. Then I could put the DVDs on that one and things like books or computer parts on the other one.

Speaking of organizing I need to get more of that paper scanned and filed. That means that I need to pay for a Mac pdf shrinker. Something that takes the large scanned pdf files and reduces them to a manageable size.

*fires up extremely slow cell-phone internet connection*
*finds that PDFshrink is now 10.4 only*

I guess I’m going to have to pay for OS X Tiger before I can get my shrunk PDFs. Maybe there’s a Linux package to do it...
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