nimitzbrood (nimitzbrood) wrote,

Things as usual...

March 9, 2007 11:39 AM

So I got to work today at 6:30am instead of the normal 6:45am. I would have been earlier but I didn’t leave the house until 5:45am and thus was a little later than usual for a Friday. Since I’m not taking my daughter down to my in-laws now on Fridays I can get to work earlier then. The downside is that I don’t get anything done at home because everybody is home by the time I get home.

I think I’m going to wait a week before I start buying all the stuff I need to get certain things done that I want to be able to get done and work on when we get to the point of having no money. That unfortunately means buying a whole bunch of stuff within the next couple of months that I would normally have just slowly bought over time.

Let’s see...

A replacement Powerbook or Macbook to upgrade my notebook situation. ($500 - $1300 depending on what I want.)
The parts for my home CNC setup. ($300)
The transfer case and repair parts for my truck. ($1800)
Software for my iMac and B&W. ($150)
New fairing for the other motorcycle. ($60)
Replacement bolts for the other motorcycle. ($40)
Replacement gasket sets for both motorcycles. ($300)
Two more wireless bridges/routers. ($60)
Netapp raid unit and drives. ($400)
Things I’ve momentarily forgotten about. ($1000)

That’s quite an expensive list but I think I can get it all bought. And I want to get it all done before our income drops. Thankfully there are signs that my in-laws won’t be moving in June but will hold off until the market is better. Unfortunately that means it might be sooner depending on the economy. I hate not knowing.

There’s so much I want to get done in my life. I’m limited by a lot of things but I know I can get quite a bit of it done before I’m gone.

A little stalled on the webcomic stuff. I managed to get the tablet working ok except that I have problems because what is on the screen is not like what I see on paper. I think maybe I want to pay for the full version of Photoshop CS or Painter to get something that actually acts similar on screen like a pencil. I don’t know - maybe I’ve got something set wrong or maybe I’ve beat the tip up and it needs replacing. Maybe I’ll try that first.
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